Sherman news: Expanded role at Chicago Tribune; check out paper’s redesigned site

Yes, you can go home again.

I am pleased to announce that you will be able to read more from yours truly at the Chicago Tribune and on the paper’s redesigned digital site.

The plan calls for me to do a weekly column on sports media. I hope to hit the hot topics on the local and national media front.

Also, I will contribute sports media items during the week to the Tribune’s new sports blog, Smack.

I spent 27 years as a full-time reporter at the Tribune from 1981-2008, and restarted the sports column last summer. Now I’m looking forward to doing more at the Trib.

Many thanks to new Tribune sports editor Joe Knowles for making this happen. Great to be reunited with my old Saturday night design pal after all these years.


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Chicago news: Dan McNeil talks about being in limbo; contract impasse with WSCR

My latest Chicago Tribune column is on Dan McNeil and his uncertain future at WSCR.

You also can access the column via my Twitter feed at @Sherman_Report.

From the column:


Dan McNeil has been on the radio host sidelines since the end of June and might remain there for a long time.

That’s OK with him.

He says the time off would allow him to work on his short game in golf, and more importantly, pursue writing a book about his son Patrick’s struggle with autism.

“I’ve been thinking about this for five years,” McNeil said Thursday. “I want to write about how autism has affected the journey through life for a family in Northwest Indiana. I’d like to leave a greater footprint in my career than just talking about point spreads and pucks.”

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Moving to booth: Brady Quinn lands as college and NFL analyst at Fox

It appears as if  Brady Quinn is moving on with his post-football career.

Fox Sports announced today that the former Notre Dame quarterback will work for the network as a college football and NFL studio and game analyst.

In his studio role, Quinn will contribute college and pro football analysis on Fox Sports 1’s “America Pregame” and “Fox Sports Live.” In the booth, Quinn pairs with two veteran play-by-play announcers, teaming with Tim Brando for college games and Dick Stockton when on NFL assignment.

In Fox Sports release, Quinn said: “I am honored and grateful to have the opportunity to join the team at Fox Sports. Obviously, nothing compares to playing quarterback, but I am looking forward to this next career challenge and the tremendous opportunity it affords me to remain close to the sport I love at both the … Continue Reading

ESPN, format of debate shows bear some responsibility for Smith fiasco

My latest column for the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana examines the sports talk/debate culture that likely contributed to Stephen A. Smith’s deplorable comments on domestic violence.

From the column.


It now is several days removed, and I still am astounded about what Stephen A. Smith said on “First Take” Friday.

How can anyone go on national television and suggest that women should be careful not to “provoke” men to the point where the situation could get violent? I mean, is he insane?

If you talk about domestic violence on TV, you never come close to your comments being misconstrued. It’s wrong, end of discussion.

I know Smith apologized profusely for his comments on “First Take” Monday. Following the apology, ESPN issued a statement saying, “As his apology demonstrates, he recognizes his mistakes and has a deeper appreciation … Continue Reading

Touching moment: Dodgers inform fans Vin Scully is coming back for year No. 66

Very cool moment at Dodgers Stadium last night. The ageless wonder is coming back.

From Scully in a statement:

“It is very difficult to say goodbye,” Scully said in a statement. “God willing I will be back next year. Over the years I have been blessed to have so many friends including those that sit in the stands and listen as well as those at home, who listen and watch. It is just too hard to say goodbye to all these friends. Naturally there will come a time, when I will have to say goodbye, but I’ve soul-searched and this is not the time.”… Continue Reading

Just in: ESPN suspends Stephen A. Smith for a week

The official statement doesn’t use the word “suspend,” but that’s what it is:

“ESPN announced today that Stephen A. Smith will not appear on First Take or ESPN Radio for the next week.  He will return to ESPN next Wednesday.”

During his week off, Smith should consider just how close he came to blowing up his career.

More to come.


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Vast majority of papers still use Washington nickname

Josh Carpenter and Alex Silverman of Sports Business Daily polled 48 major newspapers in NFL markets, plus USA Today, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times about whether they will continue to use Washington’s nickname. The outcome: 44 still are using it even with the recent uproar.

From the story:

Even with the number of papers not using the name quadrupling in the past year, they are still in the minority. Some major papers cited a desire to abstain from taking a side on the issue, and therefore continue using the name, while others simply have chosen to adhere to the team’s official name. The N.Y. Times continues to use the team’s nickname, but Assistant Managing Editor for Standards Philip Corbett said that the paper’s staff has continued to discuss and cover the issues surrounding the name. He said

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Idiot patrol: They were out in full force last week

During the course of covering sports media since 1998, there have been many instances when I have been forced to write about dumb things people say or do in business.

I have a simple term for it: Idiot patrol.

Last week was a good–or bad week–for idiot patrol, depending on your perspective.

A Boston sports talk show host, Kirk Minihane of WEEI, made disparaging remarks about Erin Andrews. Then during his apology for his initial comments, he went on to slam Andrews even further. He said, if Andrews “weighed 15 pounds more she would be a waitress.”

Then, there was the entire Stephen A. Smith mess. Memo to Stephen A.: Stephen A.: If you talk about domestic violence on TV, you never come close to comments being misconstrued. It’s wrong, end of discussion.

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Random baseball card: Julian Javier, vital cog in great Cardinals teams

I had a reunion Saturday with old pals from the Daily Illini at the University of Illinois. We picked up where we left off 34 years ago, going to the Cubs-Cardinals game at Wrigley Field. Not much has changed in the baseball department: St. Louis is a contender, while the Cubs remain forever terrible.

During much of the game, we talked about players from the past more than the present. One of us blurted out Julian Javier’s name. Hence my latest random baseball card.

The second-baseman was a two-time All-Star on those great Cardinals teams of the 60s. He hit .360 in the 1967 World Series.

Here’s to you Julian…and Brueggs, Schlets and Mike.

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No discussion? First Take wimps out by not talking more about Stephen A controversy

From a show that prides itself on being raw and edgy, First Take went surprisingly silent when the controversy involved one of their own.

Monday, Stephen A. Smith offered his apology for his incredibly stupid views on domestic violence during Friday’s show.

Then after Cari Champion weighed in, the show kicked off as if it was a normal Monday in Bristol: Talk about LeBron choosing No. 23 for his new jersey in Cleveland.

Really? Shouldn’t there have been a further examination of what Stephen A. experienced on Friday? Perhaps more talk on why this is such a hot button issue. I have a feeling Skip Bayless was aching to weigh in. I imagine that pre-show meeting was fairly intense.

Nope. ESPN just wants this all to go away. The network issued a statement shortly after Smith’s apology.

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Will James Brown decline to use Washington nickname this year on NFL Today?

The Washington Post’s DC Sports Blog has a post on how D.C.-area native James Brown thinks it is time to get rid of Washington’s nickname.

It is interesting to note that CBS Sports chairman Sean McManus is giving his NFL announcers the choice of whether they want to refer to the nickname this year. Sounds like JB will be talking about the team from Washington.

From the post:

I firmly believe that this is a people issue. If, in fact — to me, this is my opinion only, not representing CBS Sports, or News — if the name is offensive to a group of people, then do the right thing and change the name. It’s as simple as that.

“I know people will engage in an argument and say, well it hasn’t been an issue all this time. Yeah,

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