Deadspin owes an apology to Jim Miller; miscast remarks on gay players

This must be my day to write about Deadspin.


I was driving to Louisville Tuesday and heard Jim Miller address the issue of gay players in the NFL with Danny McNeil and Matt Spiegel on WSCR-AM 670 in Chicago. The former Bears quarterback talked frankly about how religious players would have a hard time accepting a gay teammate in the locker room.

Miller, who can be heard on SiriusXM’s NFL Radio, said:

There are some religions that are just not going to accept a gay individual in the locker room. So now, are you as an organization going to bring that element into your locker room and think everything is going to be OK?
Last time I checked, whether it’s Christianity or Muslims or other religions that are out there, they’re just not going to accept it. They’re

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Why did Deadspin editor call me a troll, moron?

Actually, I was a labeled as a “concern troll” and my viewpoint was moronic, according to Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs. But I believe they are one and the same, and I wanted an excuse to run a picture of a troll on my site. I decided to use a healthy one.

This week, Craggs did a much discussed Q/A with Manny Randhawa of the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana. The Deadspin editor answered questions about the criticisms stemming from its coverage of the Manti Te’o soap opera.

Here’s the link if you want to read the entire interview. Obviously, I want to focus on the part that included me.

Here’s the entire passage:

Q: Ed Sherman wrote the following about a quote toward the end of the Deadspin story on the Te’o girlfriend hoax: “If I’m the editor, I Continue Reading

Latest 30 for 30 short: The mystery of Honus Wagner card; Olbermann: ‘Mona Lisa quality’

Very interesting film examining the history of the famous card. It features Keith Olbermann, who manages to slide the concept of a mohel (the Rabbi who performs circumcisions) into the discussion. Fairly sure that has to be a first.

Here’s the link and the official write-up from ESPN:

The T206 Honus Wagner is the most famous baseball card in the world.  Bought and sold many times over, the card has now appreciated to nearly three million dollars but some in the card industry believe this gem may have been doctored.  From mere speculation, the accusations of alteration have risen all the way to federal indictments.  In this 30 for 30 Short, directed by Nick and Colin Barnicle, baseball card experts and enthusiasts including Keith Olbermann, Michael O’Keeffe, David Hall and Matt Federgreen discuss the history of this iconic card.

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Montville on writing a column again: ‘Houses are same, but all neighbors are different’

Wouldn’t it be great to see Michael Jordan return and dump 35 on the Knicks? Or see Wayne Gretzky pull on the sweater and record two goals and two assists against the Flyers?

It can’t happen in sports. However, it can happen for sportswriters. Age won’t preclude a comeback in our game as long as the mind is sharp and the spirit is willing.

Witness Leigh Montville. At 69, he is writing  columns again for the first time since leaving the Boston Globe in 1989.

Montville is churning out a column or two a week for the Sports on Earth site. As they say, the guy still has his fastball.

Note this passage in a column on Bill Belichick:

The 60-year-old coach walked off the elevator at the red press box level of Gillette Stadium, accompanied by the team’s public

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Sports books score: Francona, Piazza books crack New York Times bestseller list

So much for the notion that people aren’t reading sports books. I can’t remember the last time when two sports titles were on the top 10 list for hardcover non-fiction.

Francona by Terry Francona and Dan Shaughnessy checks in at seven on the latest New York Times bestseller list. Francona may be gone in Boston, but fans in the Northeast still want to read about him.

Then at nine, there’s Long Shot by Mike Piazza and Lonnie Wheeler. While the book has been rapped because Piazza didn’t come clean about steroids, evidently Piazza still has plenty of appeal in the market.

All in all, some good news for the folks who put out sports books.

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Is staying at ESPN a good move for Big East?

I think there might have been a bigger upside in terms of exposure if the conference went with NBC Sports Network. Like the NHL, the Big East would have gotten the star treatment on the network.

At ESPN, it will remain a lower level player thanks to the Big East not being the Big East anymore.

Old pal Mark Blaudschun addressed the issue in a post at For starters, he made a great comment about how the Big East isn’t the only entity which saw its value dramatically reduced in the market.

The official announcement came on Saturday afternoon, with details to follow, which should include a 7-year package in football and basketball which will bring Big East schools a total of approximately $130 million.

That total of course, is far short of the more than $1.2 billion

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Diversity study: Newsrooms receive D+ for lack of minority, women columnists/sports editors

A few weeks ago, the big story in the NFL was how no minorities were hired as head coaches or general managers despite many vacancies in this year’s market. Multiple news outlets shined the light and questioned the league’s hiring practices.

Well, it turns out many of the folks covering that story have their own issues when it comes to diversity in the newsroom.

Richard Lapchick, head of the Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida, writes that he has “discouraging” news regarding the latest study of hiring practices in sports media.

Lapchick in Street and Smith’s Sports Business Daily:

Of all the racial and gender report cards produced by The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport at the University of Central Florida, the most discouraging was the first Associated Press Sports

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Manti Te’o to NFL Network: I can obviously do a lot better

Is there another player in the draft? All I know is that after running a slow 4.8 today, he opened a few eyes again. Again, not in a good way.

As a public service for those who can’t get enough, there’s this from NFL Network.


Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o joined NFL Total Access on Monday following his on-field workout at the NFL Scouting Combine. He spoke with Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock:

On the NFL Scouting Combine:

“It is very exhausting. If you ask anyone out here, it is a very exhausting process. It is all about getting out there, being with the guys, showing that you can get out there and do things.”

On his performance at NFL Scouting Combine:

“I did OK. I can obviously do a lot better… do a lot better. That Continue Reading

SportsGrid acquired by RotoExperts; Will add more of fantasy component

Congratulations to Dan Abrams, founder of SportsGrid. He writes:

I am thrilled to announce that my web property will become the building block for a major fantasy sports media company led by industry leader RotoExperts. Fantasy sports has become a huge business with most of the major media players from ESPN to Yahoo to CBS now having a significant presence. The goal of the new SportsGrid, powered by RotoExperts, is to create the most significant independent sports fantasy media company. SportsGrid fans will continue to see the same smart, opinionated, fun stories they have come to appreciate – the only difference will be that there will also be additional fantasy news and information on, and throughout, the site as well. By this summer, we will combine (and expand) both entities on to one platform while maintaining the

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Feherty takes on Nicklaus in season debut: ‘People will see different side of him’

David Feherty opens season 3 of Feherty (Golf Channel, Monday, 10 p.m.) tackling a fairly big subject: Jack Nicklaus.

Nicklaus presented a challenge for Feherty. Golf’s most unconventional personality didn’t want to do a conventional interview with the greatest player ever.

“People might ask:  Why did you wait until the third season before interviewing the greatest golfer of all time?” Feherty said. “Well, I think I wanted to climb a few smaller hills before I tackled Everest, because what do you ask Jack Nicklaus that he has not been asked a thousand times before.”

Feherty thinks he accomplished his mission. He said “people will a different side of (Nicklaus).”

“Jack’s funny,” Feherty said. “People don’t think of Jack Nicklaus as being funny, and he’s a grumpy old man in a lot of ways.  But he has a wealth of knowledge … Continue Reading