A badge of honor? Deadspin blocked me on Twitter

I was out of town during the holidays. While trying to catch up this week, I noticed that there was a lineup change at Deadspin.

My old pal, Tommy Craggs, is the new executive editor for Gawker Media. Tim Marchman will replace him as Deadspin’s new editor.

OK, interesting. To find out more information, I went to Google, etc. Then I did a search for Deadspin on Twitter.

And voila, this is what I popped up: I have been blocked by Deadspin.

The blockage probably happened a while back, but I never noticed. Guess I haven’t been paying much attention to Deadspin these days.

I have written a few critical pieces of Deadspin, drawing its ire. Apparently, there’s a rule: Deadspin can knock anything and everything, but don’t dare criticize the site.

Craggs once called me “the dumbest fucking guy in sports media” on a Will Leitch podcast.

More love from Craggs: “He’s such a hack through and through. He only can see the world through a hack’s eyes. He thinks we’re responding to him the way he responds, i.e. hackily. He can’t fathom the idea that we hate him because he really sucks at what really should be a cool job.”

Now with that lovely assessment of my overall worth, I discover the good folks at Deadspin have denied me access to their Twitter feed. So nice to know they care.

Good luck, Tim.

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