A Cubs fan pays tribute to Vince Lloyd and Lou Boudreau

Last week in a column on the Cubs’ final days on WGN Radio, I mentioned that long-time play-by-play man Vince Lloyd always was “underrated.”

Unfortunately, I was limited by space, because Lloyd, who teamed with Lou Boudreau for two decades on Cubs radio, merited more than just a mention. I wanted to share this note I received from a reader, Patrick Allen, who recalled a slice of Chicago broadcast history.


I really enjoyed your article in Friday’s Tribune about WGN radio and the Cubs – mainly because I appreciated your comments about Vince Lloyd.  I am not sure it is fair to say I grew up listening to Vince and Lou.  I heard a report about Jack Quinlan’s death while in a driver’s education car.  In fact, I told the driver’s ed teacher to “shut up” so I could listen to the report on the radio.  (That is not something you should say to your driver’s ed teacher.)

For the next 22 years, I listened to Vince and Lou whenever I could.  My three years in law school in Connecticut were a son of a gun because of that, but I recorded some games on cassette tapes before I left, so I would have something to listen to.

While you did not mention it, a lot of us in the ‘60s and ‘70s were fans of the “Boudreau shift.”  Not the one Lou did against Ted Williams.  Rather it was the one where you turned down the TV and listened to Vince and Lou while watching Channel 9.

I liked Vince and Lou so much that, during the ‘70s, I would listen to the Big Ten Game of the Week on WGN radio, not because I liked football, but because Vince and Lou were doing it.  In fact, I used to look forward to rain delays during Cubs games because, at least in the ‘60s and ‘70s, they would not send you back to the studio during the rain delay.  Rather, Vince and Lou would just talk.  It was great.

And then there were the games in 1995 (I think) when Thom Brennaman went off on Sundays to do something else, and they brought Vince back to do the play-by-play.  That was great.

Two of my all-time favorite souvenirs, because of the memories they bring back, are baseballs I got signed by Vince (at a Cubs convention) and Lou (at a card show).

Thanks again for the comments about Vince Lloyd and “Vince and Lou”.  I really enjoyed them – and they deserve the compliments you gave them.

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  1. Had the chance to meet with Vince in 1976 at the WGN studios on Bradley Place. I was gathering information on sports broadcasters for a 400 level course that I was going to take that fall at the University of Kentucky.

    Vince said he’s give me 20 minutes…instead he talked for an hour and a half about the business and the sports celebrities he had the chance to meet and work with.

    One thing I didn’t know, he told me he called some University of Kentucky basketball games when Adolph Rupp was the head coach.

    Just a very nice man. He was a professional in every sense of the word. Also people forget that he also called White Sox games for years through WGN when they had both teams.

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