Aaron Rodgers criticizes 60 Minutes profile of him

During a 60 Minutes profile on Aaron Rodgers Sunday, his teammates noted that he is very sensitive. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that the Green Bay quarterback wasn’t thrilled with the piece done by Scott Pelley and his crew.

Bob Wolfley from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported Rodgers said he was “surprised” at what made the air during his Tuesday radio show on WAUK.

“When you open up your life for four months and allow them to have access to your family and your friends and events, it’s always interesting to see what comes out,” Rodgers said. “I just felt like the editing of the piece could have been done in a way that was maybe a lot more respectful of myself. If I’m sensitive about anything through the whole process it’s – you know they come to the MACC Fund event in May, which is very, very important to me, even more important considering the two boys that we lost this year to cancer. . . . For them to not even show really any of the content from that night, any of the kids, to not say anything about the MACC Fund, what they do for kids with cancer, I think that was the thing that was most disappointing about the piece. They had an opportunity to do some great things and really show some things I am passionate about and didn’t do that.”

I’m sure what set off Rodgers was a segment about his sensitivity to his height, including a quick clip where he rebuked a fan. Obviously, he would have preferred to see something about the MACC Fund instead.

Actually, it was a very positive piece. Guess you can’t please everyone.




3 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers criticizes 60 Minutes profile of him

  1. Rodgers appears to be an ego-maniac. Why be worried about what people think? There have been issues with teammates this year as well.

    Very good QB? Yes. Leader? No.

  2. I’m quite sure an “ego-maniac” would not have been disappointed about the omission of any mention of Aaron’s passion for the childrens Macc Fund. I consider him an excellent leader of the Green Bay Packers and a great example of a kind humanitarian. I have never been a fan of Scott Pelley or his journalistic endeavors and will boycott 60 Minutes now. That interview could have shown all Aarons good work with children with cancer. They really blew a great opportunity!

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