An addition for Colin Cowherd: Jen Lada to join show

Jen Lada is leaving Comcast Sports Net Chicago to join ESPN, where she will be featured as a contributor on Colin Cowherd’s radio show.

While her exact role hasn’t been determined, Lada said she is looking forward to giving her perspective on issues and news in sports. She got a taste with multiple appearances on the “Kap & Haugh” show on CSN and WGN Plus.

“The great thing about Colin’s shows is that they go beyond the surface level and try to figure out why something is happening,” Lada said. “I’ve met with Colin. He’s great. We get along really well. This is a great opportunity to mix it up a bit.”

In addition to Cowherd’s show, Lada also will make appearances on “SportsCenter” and on other ESPN studio shows. She will join the network in August.

Lada said it was a difficult decision to leave Comcast Sports Net. The native of McHenry joined the network in 2013, serving as a reporter and anchor.

“I always dreamed of covering the teams I grew up with,” Lada said. “It’s also been enjoyable to see my son take a liking to those teams. It took a lot of soul-searching, but this provides me with an opportunity to get better with what I do and to challenge myself in the process.”

2 thoughts on “An addition for Colin Cowherd: Jen Lada to join show

  1. Colin Cowherd is a self-serving, ego driven blowhard. I care about what he says about as much as I care about what Theo Epstein thinks of the White Sox.

    Guy is a complete tool.

  2. Best of luck to Marquette alum, Jen Lada. She worked for Fox 6 in Milwaukee for several years and is an excellent addition to ESPN.

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