Another reason to dislike Lane Kiffin: USC attempts to suspend LA Daily News reporter

I don’t think this is going to stick with level-headed Pat Haden as the AD. Still, Lane Kiffin is an idiot for doing this.

From Yahoo Sports via the Los Angeles Times:

USC coach Lane Kiffin is once again having a little trouble with the media.

According to the L.A. Times, USC has suspended L.A. Daily News reporter Scott Wolf from two weeks of practices and revoked his credential for the Sept. 22 home game against Cal.


Because Wolf reported an injury, which is against USC’s policy.

HereĀ is what Wolf wrote:

USC kicker Andre Heidari underwent surgery last week to repair a torn meniscus in his knee and will be sidelined about three weeks.

Heidari suffered the injury in the season opener against Hawaii and did not accompany USC to its game against Syracuse on Saturday. Walk-on Alex Wood filled in for Heidari and kicked six extra points.

Coach Lane Kiffin does not discuss injuries and has not said what sidelined Heidari or when he will return.

And the response from the Daily News:

Gene Warnick, sports editor for the Los Angeles Newspaper Group, which includes the Daily News told the Times that he thought the suspension was unwarranted and that he planned to speak with USC athletic director Pat Haden on Wednesday.

“From our standpoint, Scott was doing his job,” Warnick said. “This wasn’t something that was part of practice. We were just trying to report the news.”




One thought on “Another reason to dislike Lane Kiffin: USC attempts to suspend LA Daily News reporter

  1. Ed, you yourself write that Wolf broke USC’s policy. PH and LK asked that reporters not write about player health. Wolf did, and was not permitted at practice for two weeks. Technically Wolf citied an off-the-record source for something essentially picked up at practice. He broke the spirit of the agreement, not the letter. Rule broken = consequence served.

    LK was not the one to “ban” Wolf, who has a history of being adversarial towards USC. (Sound familiar?) Pat Haden (AD) and Tim Tessalone (SID) were the ones.

    As an aside, USC is one of only a few teams to actually have an open practice. It is a privilege afforded reporters. Find an SEC team that does, or ask Oregon, Stanford, or the rest of the PAC-12 if you can visit and report. Hint: you can’t.

    Hating LK and USC is great sport for the rest of the country. Have at it, we don’t mind. We win.

    Fight On!

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