Are Vitale, Berman, Reilly Hall of Famers? Nominees for NSSA’s top honors

Some interesting names on the upcoming ballot for the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association. Beginning Dec. 1, members will vote on Hall of Fame honors for sportscaster and sportswriter and national sportscaster and sportswriter of the year. Also, voting will take place for top sportscaster and sportswriter in individual states.

Last year, Bob Costas and John Feinstein were named to the Hall in their respective categories. Below are this year’s nominees.

In the sportscaster category, Dick Vitale and Chris Berman’s names stand out. Vitale is getting to the point in his career where he is accumulating Hall of Fame plaques. Considering how polarizing Berman has become, it probably will be a while before he gets into the Hall.

Even though he has no chance, it still is great to see Dan Kelly’s name on the list. What a great hockey announcer. I still remember listening to those Blues games on KMOX as a kid.

I have several friends and long-time colleagues on the sportswriting side. Rick Reilly has won a zillion sportswriter of the year awards. So you figure at some point he’ll get in.

Dick “Hoops” Weiss of the New York Daily News has enjoyed an extraordinary career as a college football and basketball reporter. And anyone who has been around the great Art Spander from San Francisco knows how much the award would mean to him. It would be quite a speech.

As for the best of the year category, the usual suspects are there for top national sportscasters. There’s considerable talent on the writers side. Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports deserves recognition for his piercing accounts of the Penn State saga.


Dick Vitale, ESPN/.ABC

Ken Squier, CBS Auto Racing

Skip Caray, Atlanta Braves TV

Woody Durham, Unv. of North Carolina Radio Network

John Ward, Univ. of Tennessee Radio Network

Chris Economaki, ABC Auto Racing

Chris Berman, ESPN

Milo Hamilton, Astros, Braves Radio

Al McCoy, Phoenix Suns Radio/TV

Dan Kelly, NHL on CBS, St. Louis Blues


Art Spander, Oakland Tribune/The Sporting News

Rick Reilly, Sports Illustrated, ESPN

Dick Weiss, Philadelphia Daily News/New York Daily News

Hal McCoy, Dayton Daily News

Joe Gilmartin, Phoenix Republic/Gazette

Sam Lacy, Baltimore Afro-American newspaper

Lesley Visser, Boston Globe/Sports Illustrated

Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press/Author

Wendell Smith, Pittsburgh Courier newspaper

Thomas Boswell, Washington Post


Al Michaels, NBC

Bob Costas, NBC/MLB Network

Dan Patrick, NBC/”The Dan Patrick Show”

Dan Shulman, ESPN

Brad Nessler, ABC/ESPN/NFL Network

Jim Nantz, CBS

Joe Buck, Fox

Mike Tirico, ESPN/ABC

Mike Emrick, NBC

Kevin Harlan, CBS/TNT


Peter King, Sports Illustrated

Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

Dan Wetzel, Yahoo! Sports

Pat Forde, Yahoo Sports

Joe Posnanski, Sports Illustrated

Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo! Sports

Bill Simmons,

Rick Reilly,

Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated

Mike Lopresti, USA Today

3 thoughts on “Are Vitale, Berman, Reilly Hall of Famers? Nominees for NSSA’s top honors

  1. I think Simmons will open up the “Bloggers Wing” of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame when he’s voted in after a furious campaign led by Cousin Sal and Jack-O in 2028. And then he’ll promptly be up for impeachment in 2029, after a sub-committee led by Drew Magary and fans of “The Karate Kid” are appalled he got in.

  2. Good lists. My opinions:

    HOF Sportscaster: Skip Caray
    HOF Sportswriter: Art Spander
    National Sportscaster: Mike Emrick
    National Sportswriter: Dan Wetzel

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