Chicago news: Cubs, White Sox go low in local TV ratings

The good news is that the ratings only can go up for the Cubs and White Sox. It is hard to imagine them getting much lower.

For the most part, viewers tuned out both teams during their 73-89 seasons. According to Sports Business Daily, the Cubs and Sox ranked among the bottom 5 for the lowest ratings on local regional sports cable networks.

The Sox were at 1.15 on Comcast SportsNet, which actually was a 4 percent increase from 2013. However, they only were ahead of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros, both of which had limited access to their networks because of distribution problems.

The Cubs, meanwhile, were the fifth lowest at 1.5 on CSN, down 6 percent from 2013; 1 local ratings point is the equivalent of 35,000 homes.

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Baseball playoff quiz: How many networks will be carrying games?

Give yourself a prize if you know the answer is five.

Yes, beginning tonight there will be five different networks airing postseason baseball. Fox, Fox Sports 1, TBS, MLB Network, and ESPN all have a portion of the bounty.

Follow the bouncing remote.

Tonight’s Oakland-Kansas City game will be on TBS. Tomorrow, ESPN is carrying the San Francisco-Pittsburgh game.

The National League Division and Championship Series games will be on Fox Sports 1, except when they are moved over to MLB Network and Fox.

Meanwhile, the American League is easier with everything airing on TBS. Then Fox takes over the rest of the way until the World Series.

So yes, it could be confusing. MLB faces a new challenge with Fox Sports 1 now in the mix. Baseball hopes fans will make the effort to not only find FS1, but … Continue Reading

Say bye-bye, NFL: FCC expected to eliminate sports blackout rule

This is way overdue.

Bloomberg News reports:

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Tuesday will vote on whether to eliminate a decades-old rule that has prohibited pay-TV providers from airing some home sports games, such as NFL football games, if the tickets to those games did not sell out.

Four of five FCC commissioners, including Chairman Tom Wheeler, have publicly indicated support for ending the policy, which is known as a sports blackout rule and is backed by the broadcasters and the National Football League.


Only two NFL games, or less than 1 percent, were blacked out as a result of the rule last season and none so far this year, according to the NFL. In several instances, some businesses helped avoid blackouts by buying blocks of unsold tickets.

“The sports blackout rules are a bad hangover from the

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Ready for another channel dedicated to golf? Back9Network makes debut

It would seem the Golf Channel would be more than enough to satisfy people like me who love/hate the game. But here comes a new entry.

The Back9Network kicks off today in 20 million homes on DirecTV. Obviously, the new network hopes to extend its reach, and that would include cutting a deal with Comcast, which owns the Golf Channel.

According to the advance PR, Back9Network will be more about the lifestyle and off-beat element of golf, and less about breaking down why the U.S. sucked again in the Ryder Cup.

From a release: “(The network will feature) nearly 1,100 hours of original programming in its first year, including 10 original primetime series, live morning, midday, and evening shows, as well as a variety of golf lifestyle programming covering travel, real estate, food, fashion, courses and equipment.”

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A Cubs fan pays tribute to Vince Lloyd and Lou Boudreau

Last week in a column on the Cubs’ final days on WGN Radio, I mentioned that long-time play-by-play man Vince Lloyd always was “underrated.”

Unfortunately, I was limited by space, because Lloyd, who teamed with Lou Boudreau for two decades on Cubs radio, merited more than just a mention. I wanted to share this note I received from a reader, Patrick Allen, who recalled a slice of Chicago broadcast history.


I really enjoyed your article in Friday’s Tribune about WGN radio and the Cubs – mainly because I appreciated your comments about Vince Lloyd.  I am not sure it is fair to say I grew up listening to Vince and Lou.  I heard a report about Jack Quinlan’s death while in a driver’s education car.  In fact, I told the driver’s ed teacher to “shut up” so I could listen to the report on … Continue Reading

You’re not done with Jeter: Last game detailed on Fox Sports 1; Beat reporter calls him ‘abidingly decent’ and professional’

The Derek Jeter farewell tour has been extended to Monday.

From Fox Sports 1:


For those lucky enough to attend Yankees Captain Derek Jeter’s final home game, the farewell scene was indescribable. Tens of thousands gathered in a 21st century sports cathedral to witness the final pinstriped chapter of a 20-year career no doubt guided by the baseball gods.  How else can one explain how New York’s rain-soaked skies miraculously gave way to a game-time rainbow and the storybook drama that unfolded in the ninth?

Fortunately, for those who wish to re-live the evening, FOX Sports 1 presents, DEREK JETER: A NIGHT 2 REMEMBER, a cinematic journey through his final home game as a New York Yankee.  Produced by Major League Baseball Productions and FOX Sports Originals, the special 30-minute program premieres Monday, Sept. 29 (7:30 PM ET).

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Classless rant: ESPN did right thing by suspending Simmons

I was out yesterday observing Rosh Hashanah. Naturally, when I’m gone, all the big news occurs.

Predictably, a lot of people are coming down on ESPN for suspending Bill Simmons. But really the network had no choice.

Simmons’ rant about NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was off base on many levels. ESPN ombudsman Robert Lipsyte, who has taken the network to task several times in his role, summed it up nicely.

Simmons is, in my opinion, ESPN’s franchise player, but by no stretch a leading journalist. On his 45th birthday today, my gift to him was recounting my favorite quote from the late basketball coach Butch van Breda Kolff: “Everyone’s strength is their weakness.” He said he liked it. 

In Simmons’ case it has to do with his driving energy and creativity, which can also morph into tunnel vision and

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Moving on: Cubs end a remarkable era on WGN Radio

My latest Chicago Tribune column is on the end of an era in Chicago.

Consider this: If the Cubs stay on their new radio outlet, WBBM-AM 780, for as long as they were on WGN-AM 720, fans will be listening to games on that station in 2069. Assuming, of course, there’s radio and baseball.

From the column:


Nothing lasts forever, but the idea of the Cubs leaving WGN-AM 720 seemed as unlikely Ernie Banks suddenly proclaiming that the Cardinals are his favorite team.

WGN and Cubs baseball have been such a fixture in fans’ daily lives that only first names were required. For one generation, it was tuning into “Vince and Lou”; for another it was listening to “Pat and Ron.”

This is a relationship that dates back to 1925, with WGN being the exclusive radio home for the … Continue Reading

Can he do it? Simms said he will do best not to use Washington nickname Thursday

Phil Simms said he won’t use Washington’s nickname during CBS’ telecast of their game against the New York Giants Thursday night.

The CBS analyst said prior to the season that he would refrain from using Washington’s nickname in light of the growing spotlight on the controversy. In an interview with Richard Deitsch at MMQB, Simms hopes to follow through in calling his first Washington game this season.

“That’s still my thought process,” Simms said. “I made that decision and I’m not going into what really drove me to it, but it offends a certain group of people and I have sympathy for them. So I can have sympathy for them and I am not denigrating the other side.”

Simms, though, knows he might use the nickname. In fact, he already has.

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