Baseball playoff quiz: How many networks will be carrying games?

Give yourself a prize if you know the answer is five.

Yes, beginning tonight there will be five different networks airing postseason baseball. Fox, Fox Sports 1, TBS, MLB Network, and ESPN all have a portion of the bounty.

Follow the bouncing remote.

Tonight’s Oakland-Kansas City game will be on TBS. Tomorrow, ESPN is carrying the San Francisco-Pittsburgh game.

The National League Division and Championship Series games will be on Fox Sports 1, except when they are moved over to MLB Network and Fox.

Meanwhile, the American League is easier with everything airing on TBS. Then Fox takes over the rest of the way until the World Series.

So yes, it could be confusing. MLB faces a new challenge with Fox Sports 1 now in the mix. Baseball hopes fans will make the effort to not only find FS1, but all go over there.

As always, check your local listings. And stay tuned for ratings information to see if you’re watching.





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