Blowout Sunday: Streak of routs continues for Sunday Night Football, featured doubheader game

Technically, New England’s 42-20 victory over Indianapolis wasn’t as bad as some of the previous clunkers on NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.” The Patriots only held a 14-10 lead at halftime. At least there was the promise of some suspense in the fourth quarter.

However, any drama quickly disappeared as Jonas Gray (who?) looked like John Riggins, rolling over the Colts with 199 yards and 4 TDs. Like the Colts, I also suffered since my fantasy running back was Shane Vereen.

The subsequent rout now makes an amazing nine straight games in which the margin of victory on Sunday Night Football has been 18 points or more. The average victory margin is 23 points.

It also marked the sixth out of the last seven games in which the winning team scored 42 or more points.

Sept. 21: Pittsburgh 37, Carolina 19.

Sept. 28: Dallas 38, New Orleans 17.

Oct. 5: New England 43, Cincinnati 17.

Oct. 12: Philadelphia 27, Giants 0.

Oct. 19: Denver 42, San Francisco 17.

Oct. 26:  New Orleans 44, Green Bay 23.

Nov. 2: Pittsburgh 43, Baltimore 23.

Nov. 9: Green Bay 55, Bears 14.

Nov. 16: New England 42, Indianapolis 20.

Meanwhile, Fox had a major dud with Green Bay’s 53-20 victory over Philadelphia in the doubleheader window. It marked the second straight game in which Aaron Rodgers barely played the second half. Rodgers and the Packers look like the varsity playing the JV team these days.

Last week, I wrote I can’t remember a season with so many blowouts in featured primetime and Sunday doubleheader games. I’m starting to think it isn’t a coincidence.

The modern offenses are so good that when one team gets on a roll, games get out of hand very quickly. Sunday’s big games were yet another example.



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