Bobby Valentine adjusts to Twitter/social media world

Interesting piece on’s site on Bobby Valentine and social media. The Red Sox manager, who already is under fire for a 4-8 start, talks about the challenges of the new media world.

It’ll be an even bigger challenge for Valentine if the Red Sox continue to lose. Twitter will become a very dangerous place for him.

From the story:

“The thing I think surprised me, I haven’t managed here in the States in 10 years and I think there’s a difference in the deliverance of information,” Valentine said.

According to the manager, this revelation was brought to the surface just a few days ago, thanks to the media tsunami that ensued after Valentine’s comments regarding Kevin Youkilis. The sound bite was surfaced Sunday night, and by 9 a.m. the next morning he was clarifying not only the initial statement, but a flurry of reaction that had washed over the 24-hour news cycle in the hours leading up to the morning press conference.

“I probably realized it the whole time, but it jumped on me that this is the world we’re living in,” Valentine said. “It’s cool.”

But is it really?

“Sure,” he explained. “It’s another step. When we talk about the good players, they’re the ones who adjust. Adjust during an at-bat. Adjust during a season. To be good at life you have to keep adjusting. When you start going into the grave is when you stop adjusting. So I’ll have to adjust.”

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