Bobby Valentine in line for own show on NBC Sports Radio Network

A few months back, Bobby Valentine, then manager of the Red Sox, threatened to punch Boston radio host Glenn Ordway during an interview. Valentine took offense to suggestions that he had bailed on a dismal season.

Valentine eventually met his fate with Boston. Now in his next incarnation, he will be playing the same role as Ordway: Sports talk radio host.

Richard Deitsch of reports that Valentine is in line for his own show on the NBC Sports Radio Network when it goes 24/7 in April.

Deitsch writes:

How opinionated will Valentine be about players and coaches he either managed or  coached against? “I don’t know that you have to be negatively biased to inform  people of what is going on, or to keep them listening,” Valentine said. “I think  you have to be true. If I have a fault, it’s that I tell the truth. You can’t  dictate to the customer what they want and I think a good host feels his  audience and understands what they want and need and tries to provide it.”

You can be sure Valentine won’t ask any coaches or managers if they have bailed on a season.

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