Can he do it? Simms said he will do best not to use Washington nickname Thursday

Phil Simms said he won’t use Washington’s nickname during CBS’ telecast of their game against the New York Giants Thursday night.

The CBS analyst said prior to the season that he would refrain from using Washington’s nickname in light of the growing spotlight on the controversy. In an interview with Richard Deitsch at MMQB, Simms hopes to follow through in calling his first Washington game this season.

“That’s still my thought process,” Simms said. “I made that decision and I’m not going into what really drove me to it, but it offends a certain group of people and I have sympathy for them. So I can have sympathy for them and I am not denigrating the other side.”

Simms, though, knows he might use the nickname. In fact, he already has.

“Will I refer to their nickname?” Simms said. “Look, I have already done it (Simms used the word “Redskins” a number of times during the Falcons-Bucs game, though said he did not realize it until someone informed him after the game). It is a habit. I played for 15 years [for the Giants] and they were a bitter rival. There is a chance I could slip.”

2 thoughts on “Can he do it? Simms said he will do best not to use Washington nickname Thursday

  1. Wow, a weak quarterback decidesign not to use the Redskins name and Olbermann chooses to say something else about it. Olbermann shows us again why he shouldn’t be involved in sports! Olbermann probably didn’t play any sports what so ever! My petition to get olbermann to change his first name (because it’s offensive ) is going great! Olbermann GET OFF THE TV! YOU ARE TERRIBLE!! MAYBE PICK UP A BALL OR GLOVE AND TRY NOT TO HURT YOURSELF!!!

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