Can we be done with Cowboys on national TV for 2014?

Only one game in, and I have had my fill of Dallas.

The Cowboys should be re-dubbed “America’s Most Over-hyped Team.” Never has so much prime exposure been focused on such a mediocre team.

There they were again Sunday, playing in the late afternoon Sunday doubleheader window on week 1. It was over by halftime, as San Francisco humiliated Jerry Jones’ motley crew.

After waiting since the Super Bowl for some real football, it was really disappointing to be served this Dallas clunker.

What did the Cowboys do to merit such a prime slot? They are coming off three straight 8-8 seasons. And they have won all of one playoff game since 1996.

Yet the networks love the Cowboys. NBC will air them on Sunday Night Football twice; Sept. 28 against New Orleans and Nov. 23 against the Giants. ESPN has the Cowboys on MNF on Oct. 27 against Washington.

Fox, meanwhile, likely will use its doubleheader windows on the Cowboys on Oct. 12 against Seattle and Oct. 19 against the Giants. Plus, there’s a Dec. 4 Thursday night game in Chicago on NFL Network and a Thanksgiving Day game against Philadelphia.

There’s the potential for a lot of bad Tony Romo to be forced down America’s throats.

Not for me. I’ll be watching something else.

Agree or not? Let me know.


4 thoughts on “Can we be done with Cowboys on national TV for 2014?

  1. I agree Ed…although this is no different from the Yankees – Red Sox ad nauseum that we get from ESPN and Fox in baseball.

    And in a month you and I will be adding the Bears to that list. …after Sunday that team is on a one-way ticket to a high draft pick next spring.

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