Update: LeBatard second-guesses decision; Miami Herald sports editor, Wilbon, Kornheiser scold him for Deadspin stunt

Update at 11:30 ET:  Dan Patrick’s producer just posted the following tweet.


Dan LeBatard has enjoyed a terrific career, winning many national awards as a columnist for the Miami Herald. It enabled him to go to another level with TV and radio shows on ESPN.

Yesterday, though, wasn’t one of his better days.

LeBatard faced considerable fallout for his decision to give his Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin. It was his way of protesting the voting process. Deadspin turned around and using fan voting to determine LeBatard’s ballot.

He wrote: “I always like a little anarchy inside the cathedral we’ve made of sports.”

LeBatard was feeling a bit cocky in the video. However, a couple hours later, he seemed to be second-guessing his decision on his ESPN radio show by 6 p.m. ET. During the previous hour, Tim … Continue Reading

Why? Disappointed that it was Dan Le Batard who gave Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin

I have known Dan Le Batard for a long time, and I hardly think he is a “scumbug,” which was my initial label for the voter who turned over his ballot to Deadspin.

However, I am disappointed that it is Le Batard who gave his vote to Deadspin. I would be disappointed in any voter who participated in this stunt.

Le Batard writes on Deadspin’s site:

I feel like my vote has gotten pretty worthless in the avalanche of sanctimony that has swallowed it.

I have no earthly idea if Jeff Bagwell or Frank Thomas did or didn’t use steroids.

I think I understand why the steroid guys were the steroid guys in this competition-aholic culture.

I hate all the moralizing we do in sports in general, but I especially hate the hypocrisy in this: Many of the

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More love (not!) from Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs: Calls me ‘Dumbest F-ing guy in sports media’ in podcast with Leitch

Well, I got quite a New Year’s greeting from a couple of old pals.

Thanks to some readers, I’m just catching up with a Will Leitch Experience podcast with Deadspin editor Tommy Craggs via Sports on Earth. No surprise (Hi, Tommy), they weren’t effusive with praise about yours truly.

However, it was a surprise that at around the 28-minute mark, the podcast suddenly veered towards me. Talk about ruining a podcast, right?

Leitch interrupted Craggs to say he wanted to tell an “Ed Sherman story.”

Leitch talked about me contacting him in July, 2012 when I noticed the Illinois alumni magazine put the Deadspin founder on their cover. I thought it was an unusual choice, given Deadspin’s edgy content and that the magazine is generally very conservative.

I wrote in the post:

Every quarter, I receive the Illinois Alumni magazine.

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Deadspin Hall of Fame fallout: No comment from Cooperstown, BBWA; Members outraged

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and that you’re enjoying the 10 extra pounds you’re now carrying. Looks good on you.

I wanted to clear out a few leftovers from Deadspin’s prank of getting a Hall of Fame voter to sell its vote to the site.

Late last week, I heard from Jack O’Connell, the secretary-treasurer of the Baseball Writers Association of America. He was terse in an email.

“The BBWA declines comment,” O’Connell said.

This morning, I got the same reaction from Brad Horn, the spokesman for the Hall of Fame. “We do not have a comment,” he said.

However, beneath the surface, you know the Hall and the BBWA are outraged that one of its voters would put a vote up for sale. Supposedly, it is being down to highlight the hypocrisy in the entire process.

I … Continue Reading

Will scumbag who sold Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin actually reveal identity?

Yesterday, “the kids at Deadspin,” as Jason Whitlock likes to call them, disclosed that they had purchased a ballot for the upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame election from one of the voters. Yes, some scumbag actually sold a vote to Deadspin.

What is the point? Deadspin’s Tim Marchman explains:

Our idea was to make a mockery and farce of the increasingly solemn and absurd election process, and to take some power from the duly appointed custodians of the game’s history and turn it over to the public.

Yeah, right. The idea was to generate publicity for Deadspin. And it worked, unfortunately. Just heard discussion about the stunt on sports talk radio in Chicago.

The sad part is, Deadspin got some scumbag to buy in. That person remains anonymous for now, Marchman writes.

For obvious reasons, the voter will remain anonymous

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Simmons to SI.com: Deadspin sources are ‘liars'; troubled that they likely came from ESPN

Will be interesting to see if Deadspin picks up on Richard Deitsch’s interview with Bill Simmons at SI.com today.

Simmons strongly denied a John Koblin story last week that he was responsible for Magic Johnson leaving NBA Countdown.

Simmons told Deitsch:

Those unnamed “sources” are liars. Someone planted a fake story to try to make me look bad, and there’s a 99.3 percent chance it came from someone in Bristol (which presents its own set of concerns). I was upset; I can’t lie. Maybe this happens to people more often than I realize, and maybe it comes with the territory, but man … I can’t properly explain how fantastic it was to watch basketball with Magic for nine months.

Later he told Deitsch:

Anyway, that’s why the “report” upset me so much — it wasn’t just that someone made it

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Update: Simmons on Magic: “GREAT GUY”; denies Deadspin story about Johnson departure from Countdown

Update: Bill Simmons, through ESPN, issued this statement:

“I loved getting to know Magic these past 12 months and was saddened to hear about his decision. We genuinely liked working with one another. Last night Lon Rosen and I were already talking about other possible projects that Magic and I could do together down the road. He’s my friend. And a GREAT guy.”

From Lon Rosen, Johnson’s agent.

“Magic and Bill Simmons got to be very close and continue to be close.  Bill Simmons and Earvin Johnson are friends. Earvin’s close to Bill. We called Bill before the release went out. Bill has been to parties at Earvin’s house. He’s been to Dodgers game with Bill. He likes Bill a lot.”


Bill Simmons issued a tweet, refuting a Deadspin story that he is responsible for Magic Johnson’s departure from … Continue Reading

Honored: Deadspin names Sherman Report to list of Top 100 ‘Worst’ Twitter accounts

On behalf of the entire Sherman Report organ-I-zation (me), I would like to thank Deadspin and editor Tommy Craggs for this honor.

Deadspin has named me No. 35 on its list of the Top 100 Worst Twitter accounts. And as you can see, they had some kind words for me.

This “dreary newspaper hack” likely made the list because I have dared to criticize Deadspin on occasion. You see, Deadspin can knock the snot out of anyone it wants. But if you call them on something, it irritates their sensitive, thin skin.

But hey, I have no problem being on the list. I’m in some elite company.

From Deadspin:

These are listed in no particular order, and the only real criteria for inclusion were 1) working our nerves in some way and 2) coming to mind when we were

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Why Deadspin’s analysis of SI’s Oklahoma State series really ‘sucked’

In Deadspin’s world, everything sucks. If it doesn’t suck, the site doesn’t want any part of it.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Deadspin ran a post Tuesday with this headline:

Why SI’s Oklahoma State Series Sucked: The Inside Story

Recently, Deadspin labeled me as “ESPN PR’s favorite sports media reporter.” Now after this post, I am sure that I will be Sports Illustrated PR’s favorite too.

However, I can’t let this pass.

The Deadspin post, written by Dom Cosentino, is based on “a source” who was in the room when Sports Illustrated’s George Dohrmann and B.J. Schecter laid out the series for Oklahoma State officials. Considering that there were a handful of people in the room, SI likely has a good idea of the identity of this person.

Do you think this person had an agenda?

Cosentino writes:… Continue Reading

Deadspin calls me ‘useless,’ ‘ESPN’s favorite media reporter’

Many thanks to Deadspin’s John Koblin for the publicity.

His post on ESPN reprimanding Jason Whitlock included a few shots at me.

Useless Ed Sherman, ESPN PR’s favorite media reporter, didn’t like what he’d heard from Whitlock, and he rang up the Worldwide Leader to get its thoughts on the matter. ESPN apparently agreed with Sherman. The statement reads: “We have discussed Jason’s comments with him. They were personal in nature, they do not represent ESPN and they are not acceptable based on the standards we have set.”

No surprise here, as Sherman would write.

OK, here’s the deal. Deadspin generally likes Whitlock. He’s done long interviews with Deadspin. Whitlock also has praised Deadspin many times, including during an interview on the first Olbermann show.

On the other hand, I have had the audacity to criticize Deadspin, … Continue Reading