Selena Roberts breaks Auburn cheating story on her new site

The notion that Auburn might not play by the rules hardly is new. I almost feel like Captain Renault saying he’s “shocked” to discover gambling at Rick’s.

However, what is new is the source of the latest allegations. They came from Selena Roberts in her website, Roopstigo.

Here’s the summary of the story from USA Today:

Selena Roberts, an Auburn alum, writes in a story on Roopstigo, a website she founded, that Auburn committed a variety of NCAA violations including payment of players and changing grades in 2012. Based on interaction with former Auburn safety Mike McNeil, one of four former Tigers who were arrested for an armed robbery in 2011, and “more than a dozen players” from the BCS title team including Neiko Thorpe, Darvin Adams and Mike Blanc, Roberts reports players had grades changed, were provided with

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Reality series debuts on Selena Roberts’ new sports network

Selena Roberts’ site has been up since the fall, but now it is kicking into full gear. I’ll have more from Roberts on the site soon. Here’s the PR version of what it is all about.

Roopstigo is a revolutionary website and free app founded by Selena Roberts, best-selling author and award-winning sports journalist for Sports Illustrated, ESPN, and The New York Times, and advised by former president of HBO Sports and Madison Square Garden, Seth Abraham. Roopstigo is shifting the paradigm in how fans consume sports content by offering free, long-form journalism with interactive features, documentaries, web series, video shorts, and animation created by some of sports media’s most renowned figures on a mobile platform across 8 distinct channels. During Roopstigo’s recent launch month, it accumulated over 103,000 unique visitors, surpassing the launch figures of other successful digital sports

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Big day for Bleacher Report founders: Turner buys site for $175 million

For all the millions of people who never make a dime off their site, there are the select few who hit it big. As in winning the lottery big.

Monday, the founders of the Bleacher Report cashed their ticket. Turner Sports bought the site for a reported $175 million.

Bleacher Report was founded in 2006 by four 20-somethings as an outlet for fans to discuss their favorite teams. From the San Jose Mercury News:

Within months, the site became a hit thanks to a legion of contributors willing to write about sports for free.

“Most of our contributors aren’t professional journalists. They’re lawyers by day, Giants fans by night,” CEO Brian Grey described in an interview last year.

Writing about sports for free? Wonder who in the world would do that?

OK, enough about me.

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