Return of Dino Costa: Would you pay $72 per year for subscription-based show?

Looking who is plotting a return to sports talk radio? My old pal Dino Costa.

Tom Van Riper at discusses Costa’s plans to launch a subscripton-based show.

So what to do?  Embark on a go-it-alone formula that, if successful, could prove to be the path for more media personalities looking to sustain their careers, or just to find a way in. Costa is gearing up for his own gig, set to launch on May 5, emanating from a 750-square-foot studio in Cheyenne, Wyoming, distributed on PCs and mobile devices, for a subscription fee of $72 a year. The plan is for an eventual stable of contributors to churn out content through audio, video and the written word.

To find investors willing to provide start-up cash, he hit social media, eventually getting the attention of two of his Sirius

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Chicago news: WGN to launch new sports talk station on FM

Harry & Spike reunited!

Robert Feder with the news of a new sports talk entry in Chicago.

At 1:02 p.m. Monday, WGN will kick off The Game under terms of a local marketing agreement with Venture Technologies Group, owner of the low-power station’s license. As first reported here Friday, Tribune Broadcasting is leasing the signal of WKQX LP 87.7 through September 2015. The call letters are expected to be changed to WGWG by midweek, pending government approval.

“We’re going after a young, more educated sports audience,” Jimmy deCastro, president and general manager of news/talk WGN, said of the new addition. “We want this to be young and hip and fun.”

And the lineup, including the return of Harry and Spike:

Mornings will lead off with Jonathon Brandmeier (who’ll also continue to be heard online on the virtual station

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Dan McNeil on return to WSCR: ‘I still have game left in me'; talks about struggles about addiction

After an eight-week absence, a “nervous” Dan McNeil returned to WSCR-AM 670 at noon today.

“As often as I’ve been through this, you’d think I’d be used to this,” McNeil said. “It doesn’t get any easier.”

He was very frank about suffering another relapse to his marijuana and painkiller addiction; how he almost decided to quit; and how he realized he wants to work again.

Here are some excerpts:

“To suggest I relapsed would be an insult to people who relapse. I returned to a lifestyle of doing weed and painkillers (in Aug. 2012)….I’m an addict. That’s not a gentle word, but that’s what I am. I can’t taste on occasion.”

“I headed to some dark places. My low is a burning desire to be alone. Isolation. My private Idaho. Sealing myself away from most people in the world.”

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Ron Burgundy’s favorite team? Yes, it’s Jacksonville; Clips from appearance on Dan Patrick show

At least we know one person who is looking forward to tonight’s Jacksonville-Houston game. During an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show today, Ron Burgundy said the Jags are his favorite team.

Oh wait, Burgundy isn’t a real person? Never mind.

Here’s Ron giving his version of the call for Kirk Gibson’s famous homer.

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CBS Sports Network to simulcast WFAN’s Boomer & Carton morning show

Some national exposure for Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton’s show. And some morning programming for CBS Sports Network.

The official rundown.


CBS announced today that beginning January 2014 CBS Sports Network will simulcast “Boomer & Carton,” the popular morning show broadcast on CBS RADIO’s WFAN-AM/FM.  Combining these two powerful assets within CBS will result in national exposure for the local radio program and premier weekday content for the 24-hour cable home of CBS Sports.  The four-hour morning show is hosted by NFL ON CBS studio analyst Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton live Monday-Friday from 6:00-10:00 AM, ET.

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Russo on Francesa: ‘Mike is smarter than this, to be duped by A-Rod’

That’s two back pages in a row for sports talk radio in the New York Daily News. Naturally, Bob Raissman gets Chris Russo’s reaction to Mike Francesa’s interview with ARod:

Even the Dog is hard-pressed to explain why his former WFAN partner is so infatuated with Alex Rodriguez, why he’s become the man’s top chef in charge of soft-boiled questions.

“I can’t understand. Mike is smarter than this, to be duped by A-Rod and fall into this trap,” Dog barked over the telephone Thursday. “This is the guy you’re going to defend — A-Rod? He knows A-Rod did steroids. What do you think, Mike’s stupid? He knows.”

And there’s this:

Francesa is on a crusade. He’s trying to convince the Free World Rodriguez has been singled out for cruel and unusual punishment by Bud Selig, who he claims is

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New York Daily News headline: ‘Mike & The Mad Fraud’

The New York Daily News had their take on Mike Francesa’s interview with ARod.

Bob Raissman also wasn’t impressed with the interview.

“I’ve been supporting your side of the story here, not on the evidence whether you’ve done it of not, because I have no idea,” Francesa said. “I thought the other stuff (charges) was a clear witch hunt. You have been discredited and it’s been outrageous. That I saw with my own eyes.”

Now, the YES camera was not on A-Rod. He probably was smiling. He had landed on the marshmallow Francesa provided, a feather bed befitting a featherweight interview. The Pope had to be laughing inside. His “kindness” wound up getting him access to a biggie, one that produced ratings and drove the competition a bit nuts.


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Francesa on ARod interview: ‘Asked him every hard question’

Some shows are more memorable than others. Mike Francesa isn’t likely to forget his show Wednesday.

Neil Best of Newsday talked to the WFAN host about his surprise guest: Alex Rodriguez. Francesa said he received 20-minutes notice that the shamed Yankee was on his way to the studio after abruptly walking out of a hearing. By the interview, the interview was simulcast on the Yankees’ YES Network also airs Francesa’s show.

From the story:

There were times the tone got a tad chummier than it needed to, but the questions and answers were to the point.

“I felt like I asked him every hard question you could possibly ask him,” Francesa said in a phone interview after the show. “I don’t think there’s anything I could ask him about that wasn’t asked.”

Francesa knows he still will be accused by

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Mariotti to fill in for Jay Mohr on Fox Sports Radio today and Friday

The Jay Mariotti comeback tour moves to Fox Sports Radio.

Mariotti will sit in for Jay Mohr on his noon-3 p.m. ET show today and Friday. In an email, he said he was contacted by Clear Channel about handling the fill-in duties.

“I like the brand and what they’re doing with it,” Mariotti said.

After being mostly on the sidelines since 2010 following a highly publicized legal incident, Mariotti jumped back in this summer with his own site, The site features a daily web-based radio show, videos and Mariotti columns on everything and anything.

Fox Sports Radio gives the polarizing Mariotti, a former panelist on ESPN’s Around the Horn, his biggest platform in recent years. Will it be a one-time test drive, or will it lead more of Mariotti on Fox Sports Radio?

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Dino Costa: I will make my next employer look brilliant for placing faith in me

Richard Deitsch of received an email from Dino Costa. I received one from Costa that was a bit more colorful. Let’s just leave it that.

Costa has been upset with me for not letting him tell his side of why he was dismissed from Sirius/XM.

So in the interest of being fair, here is what he wrote Deitsch:

“I enjoyed my time with SXM for the five years I was with them,” Costa said, in an email. “We had philosophical differences in regard to the my placement in terms of being a featured personality, as I believed I had earned by my work the opportunity for advancement with the appropriate promotional vehicles enjoyed by others on the air at the company. After five years of needle-moving radio, accruing consistent critical acclaim, I chafed at the idea of them

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