Career highlight: Mention by Whoopi on ‘The View’: Rosie asks, ‘Who’ Ed Sherman?’

OK, now my career is complete.

During a discussion of Marshawn Lynch on ‘The View,’ Whoopi Goldberg mentioned my name in regards to my column on Skittles. It occurs around the four-minute mark just after Lynch’s video for Skittles.

Apparently, Rosie O’Donnell isn’t familiar with my work on Sherman Report.

Anyway, appreciate the mention, Whoopi, even if you didn’t agree with my take.

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Al Michaels: How he nearly became voice of White Sox instead of Harry Caray; ready for 9th Super Bowl

My latest Chicago Tribune column is on Al Michaels and how he nearly changed the course of sports history in Chicago.

You also can access the column via my Twitter feed @Sherman_Report.

From the column:


Now this is a good what-might-have-been story.

Al Michaels, preparing to call his ninth Super Bowl on Sunday, was in line to become the voice of the White Sox in 1971. In fact, if the Sox had hired him, there’s a good chance Harry Caray never would have come to Chicago. Talk about altering the history of sports in this town.

Michaels’ first significant play-by-play job had a Sox connection. In 1968, he broke in calling games for their Triple-A affiliate, the Hawaii Islanders.

“Say hello to Bill Melton for me if you see him,” said Michaels, who covered the future Sox star.

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Reporter to Lynch: ‘Why do you have to be a jerk to all of us?’

Bryan Curtis of Grantland has an interesting perspective of the Marshawn Lynch media tussle at the Super Bowl.

Curtis writes about the absurdity of the situation. The media is upset with Lynch because he won’t talk. However, if he does talk, he isn’t likely to say anything.

Then again, there are a lot of things that are absurd in life. It doesn’t excuse Lynch from acting like a complete jerk.

Thank you, Howard Eskin. From Curtis’ story:

Marshawn Lynch had just finished his daily press conference, and Howard Eskin’s face was the color of the stone formations at Red Rock State Park.

Eskin is a handsome, Hans Gruberesque guy who does TV and sports radio in Philadelphia. He had been — to use a phrase slung around the media rooms in Phoenix this week — just doing his job. Eskin squeezed his

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Rodney Harrison on Lynch: Wasting chance to be role model; Dungy insisted Marvin Harrison speak to media

There were a couple of interesting perspectives on the Marshawn Lynch situation from Rodney Harrison and Tony Dungy on NBC’s teleconference yesterday.

Harrison believes Lynch has a responsibility that goes beyond simply talking to the media.

“Obviously, I’ve been in a lot of locker rooms and I’ve dealt with guys that didn’t really want to deal with the media.  When I look at Marshawn Lynch, I look at the tremendous platform and the opportunity that he has.  He has a lot of people and a lot of kids looking up to him.  As an African‑American man that has seen his grandparents not able to have that same platform or to even go out and struggle to try to get an education and get held back for not being able to do certain things, it’s just very frustrating to me when … Continue Reading

Twitter fallout: Apparently, not everyone agreed with my Marshawn Lynch column

When I got home last night, I had 2,067 notifications on my Twitter feed. And it’s still counting with more reaction coming in this morning.

Guess not everyone agreed with my column about Marshawn Lynch and Skittles that first posted yesterday on the National Sports Journalism Center site at Indiana.

I’ve had fallout before, but not like this. Naturally, some of it was vulgar, which always makes worry about we are going as a society.

I also got the feeling that 98 percent of the people who tweeted never read the column. They were just responding to a 140-character tweet from me or someone else. Try reading the column, people.

However, there were several reasonable, well-considered tweets, and even a couple of creative ones. Appreciate the effort, Jerry Jawns. Thanks

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Boycott Skittles: Marshawn Lynch now monetizing mocking of media

I received considerable backlash for my latest column for the National Sports Journalism Center at Indiana on Marshawn Lynch when it posted yesterday. Getting ready for round 2 today.


Sports journalists unite: It’s time to boycott Skittles.

Don’t let your kids eat them anymore. Forget about handing out those small packets for Halloween.

Skittles should be considered poison to any sports journalist who asks for respect in dealing with  athletes.

You see, Marshawn Lynch’s stance with the media has evolved from more than just not wanting to talk. It now is a marketing vehicle.

Skittles, which is part of Lynch’s weird act, helped the Seattle running back’s campaign to mock the media this week. It got Lynch to do a fake press conference. He munches handfuls of the candy sitting in front of a Skittles logo.

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Is feeling mutual? Showtime exec wants encore for Brandon Marshall on ‘Inside the NFL’

The door is open if Brandon Marshall wants to return to Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” next year.

However, Stephen Espinoza, the general manager of Showtime Sports, knows Bears new coach John Fox, and perhaps even Marshall himself, might shut that door in 2015.

Marshall took part in a taping Monday in Phoenix for the show’s Super Bowl preview, which airs this week on Showtime. Espinoza raved about the Bears’ receiver work on “Inside the NFL” this year, but can’t be sure there will be an encore.

“We haven’t discussed it yet,” Espinoza told me in an interview. “I know he enjoyed it and learned a lot. But it was work at the same time. The threshold question between Brandon and the team is whether this is something he should entertain again. If they say yes, we’d love to him again.”… Continue Reading

Former NFL player rips Lynch; Needs to apologize to the media

Jeff Nixon was a defensive back for Buffalo from 1979-84. Now he writes a blog “keeping former players and fans updated on the issues affecting former AFL and NFL players.”

This week, he took on Marshawn Lynch, showing it isn’t just reporters who are upset with his boycott of the media.

Nixon, who played in an era before players made true life-changing money, clearly is irked that Lynch has little appreciation for what the game has given to him. He writes:

The fact is no one forced Mr. Lynch to sign contracts that require him and all NFL players to talk to the media.  Those NFL contracts have grossed him $57 million in his nine year career. 

For that kind of money, I would talk to the press like I was being water-boarded by the CIA!

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The dreaded ‘talk about’ question; Why it is bad journalism

Today is media day at the Super Bowl, one of the worst days of the year if you are a serious sports reporter. Some of the lowest forms of journalism will be on display.

That includes the dreaded “talk about…” question. The over-under of how many times a variation of that opener will be used today has to be 2.4 million.

Bryan Curtis at Grantland wrote an interesting examination of the laziest way to ask what really isn’t a question.

Talk about the most insipid thing you hear in locker rooms.

What? You wanted me to ask a question? A passive-aggressive command wasn’t enough? Let me try again. What makes sports reporters venture the same cowering, deflated non-question in press conferences across the country? I refer, of course, to the Talk About.

Talk about the mind-set of this team. Talk about what

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