CBS’ luck couldn’t get any worse; another horrible Thursday night game

Only four games in, and I figure Jim Nantz and Phil Simms have exhausted all their blowout material through 2016.

This incredible run of horrid Thursday night games continued again last night. Green Bay 42, Minnesota 10.

This comes on the heels of Atlanta’s 56-14 victory over Tampa Bay in week 3. The game that could have easily been 156-14 if the Falcons hadn’t pulled up.

In week 4, Washington restored Eli Manning’s swagger as the Giants won 45-14.

The only game that was remotely close was CBS’ Thursday night opener. Even then, it wasn’t close with Baltimore pulling away for a 26-6 victory.

USA Today’s Chris Chase did the math. The average margin of victory in the four games is 31 points.

Chase writes:

Atlanta’s 42-point win over Tampa Bay in Week 3 was the largest of the NFL season. Last night’s 32-point win by Green Bay is the second. The game last week — in which the Giants beat the Redskins by 31 points — is tied for No. 3. In summation: The three worst games of the NFL season all took place on the last three Thursday nights.

Obviously, the routs have had an effect on the ratings. There’s a good news/bad news scenario for CBS and the NFL Network, which simulcasts the games.

Thursday’s game did a 10.4 overnight rating. It is amazing that many people watched.

For the year, the new Thursday night package on CBS/NFL Network is 10.9 rating, up 56 percent from 2013 when the games aired exclusively on NFL Network.

However, clearly the ratings would have been much higher if the games had been remotely competitive. Green Bay 42, Minnesota 0 in the second half doesn’t make for good television.

Next Thursday, CBS has Indianapolis at Houston. The Colts have won their last two games by a combined score of 85-34.

Here’s betting Nantz and Simms already are working on their blowout material.



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