Chicago news: Dan McNeil out at WSCR

It’s official.

Dan McNeil’s tenure is done at WSCR-AM 670. His partner Matt Spiegel broke the news at the end of today’s midday show.

McNeil’s departure shouldn’t come as a big surprise. McNeil had been off the air since the end of June, when his contract ended.

The two sides couldn’t agree on a new deal, and they parted ways earlier this week. McNeil had sought a substantial raise from his reported $300,000-plus per year salary. The station, meanwhile, had stuck with McNeil despite two extended absences due substance abuse problems.

Spiegel read a statement on behalf of himself and WSCR. He said the station wanted McNeil back, but “Mac wanted to do some different things.”

“It’s been a great ride for the last five years,” Spiegel said. “I’m confident I will get a great new partner.”

McNeil’s departure leaves a vacancy in a prime spot in Chicago sports radio. Program director Mitch Rosen has used nine different partners with Spiegel since McNeil’s last show, including former Bears Jim Miller and Patrick Mannelly.

As for McNeil, who is walking away from a contract worth seven figures during its duration, it is hard to say what his next move will be. There definitely will be interest from “The Game” on 87.7 FM, but there are questions whether the new station will pay the high price for his services.

During a previous interview with McNeil in the Tribune, he talked about writing a book about his son’s battles autism and even discussed the possibility of a radio job away from sports.

“I will work somewhere,” he said.


4 thoughts on “Chicago news: Dan McNeil out at WSCR

  1. I know he must be difficult guy to depend on, but that’s what makes him a real “talent.” I think the Score is making a mistake, he has real passion for sports esp. the Blackhawks which is hard to find and valuable to an all-sports station, since they are far and away the best team in town for the forseeable future.

    I see no value to Terry Bores who has limited knowledge of all sports and passion for none.

  2. Let’s see…the guy has personal issues, the station stuck with him through it all and then 300,000 isn’t enough?


    Sounds like a broadcaster out of the Mike North school of stupidity…or is that Jay Mariotti??

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