Chicago news: Harrelson is thinking about cutting back on road games in 2015

There’s a chance Ken Harrelson might cut back on his schedule next year.

The White Sox announcer told Bruce Levine of WSCR-AM 670 that he is considering cutting back on doing road games next year. During the season, Harrelson, who will be 73 next week, does a four-hour commute from Granger, Ind. for home games.

“I have a 10-year-old and 7-year-old playing ball in South Bend, and I am missing a lot of it,” Harrelson said.“If I told you I was not thinking about (cutting back) I would be lying. I am thinking about it. I have not made a decision, but it will be one that my family will help me with. I really don’t want to miss my grandkids growing up. They are old enough now to know I am known by a lot of people and they really kind of like that.”

Harrelson wouldn’t be the first veteran announcer to reduce his schedule. Vin Scully and Bob Uecker are among those who have cut back on road games.

3 thoughts on “Chicago news: Harrelson is thinking about cutting back on road games in 2015

  1. A lot of longtime announcers would eventually cut back. Some were for health reasons: Harry Caray comes to mind, and there is a story that Dave Niehaus’s family had talked to the Mariners about wanting him to cut back, just before he died. Herb Carneal and Bob Murphy both quit doing road games, and Denny Matthews has scaled back.

    Scully may be the recordholder. He cut back to home games and road telecasts when he went full-time with CBS in 1977 and the Dodgers brought in Ross Porter; he added to the schedule when he went to NBC but, after the Game of the Week ended (sob), he always would take off early from road trips if he could until he cut back to just western games. Apparently, he may quit doing road games altogether next year.

    There’s a story that The Vin missed a game one night against the Reds. The next night, Marty Brennaman kidded him about it and Vin pointed at the field and said, they play whether or not we’re here. Marty negotiated time off in his next contract.

  2. As a White Sox fan, I appreciate Hawk’s dedication and enthusiasm to the team over the years.

    But also as a fan, I think it’s time Hawk did in fact cut back on the number of games that he is doing.

    Age impacts everyone regardless of sex, creed or color. Hawk is 73 and the fact is he is not the same broadcaster he was 20 years ago.

    Honestly I’ve never thought Hawk was that great as a play by play man. If you want to hear Hawk at his best pull up some clips from You Tube of him with Don Drysdale from back in the early 80’s.

    As a color analyst Hawk was very, VERY good and he had a chemistry with Don that was hard to beat.

    Wish Hawk well in what ever he decides but I wouldn’t be against hearing a fresh voice.

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