Chicago news: Why the plug was pulled on The Game

Nothing is guaranteed in this life.

However, giving the folks at The Game only nine months to establish a new sports station on an obscure FM outlet seems like a why-bother scenario. The Game never had a chance under those circumstances.

Robert Channick of the Tribune talked to WGN honcho Jimmy de Castro on why the plug was pulled abruptly Thursday.

The decision to pull the plug on FM sports talk radio station The Game on Thursday after nine months on the air was not an easy one for WGN-AM 720 president Jimmy de Castro.

It was even harder on staffers, including at least one who found out while on the air, venting his frustration to listeners.

But with Chicago radio revenues declining this year and WGWG-LP 87.7 unable to turn a profit, de Castro said WGN Radio needed to cut its losses.

“The market is way off and the economics won’t support us,” de Castro said. “It’s unfortunate that it’s that way this year and at this time.”


“We’ve tried a lot of things. Some have worked and some haven’t,” de Castro said. “In the case of 87.7 and, the economics haven’t dictated the ability for us to make money, and we’re in the business of making money.”

That’s the reality of the business, but it doesn’t help the people who will be out in the cold. Foremost is Ben Finfer, who gave up a decent gig at WSCR-AM 670 for the opportunity to host a midday show on The Game.

Finfer had the double whammy yesterday of finding out the station was closing while he was on the air. His subsequent rant might have been some of his finest work. It should land him a job somewhere else. He deserves it.


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