Colin Cowherd coming to town near you? ESPN looking to increase his visibility; could air show in Chicago

Get ready to hear more Colin Cowherd on ESPN’s local stations. That could mean you, Chicago.

It’s a definite possibility. Much like it does with the Greenberg-Golic morning show, there is talk that ESPN wants to give Cowherd more visibility on its locally-owned stations.

Chicago could be the next major market to get “The Herd,” whose show airs from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ET. Last Thursday, WMVP-AM 1000 fired Harry Teinowitz from its afternoon team that also includes Carmen DeFalco and John Jurkovic.

It is expected that ESPN 1000 will shift the Tom Waddle-Marc Silverman duo from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. to afternoon drive. That would leave an opening to slide in Cowherd’s national show in the morning slot.

ESPN’s Dallas station, KESN, recently did a similar move, going with Cowherd’s show live instead of tape delay. The decision now means that ESPN gives the Dallas audience national content during the morning.

ESPN Radio reportedly is weighing the mix between national and local on its stations, especially in Chicago. From a cost standpoint, it makes more economic sense to use one national host like Cowherd instead paying six-figure salaries to local personalities.

Also, Cowherd’s show has done well in various markets, giving ESPN ample motivation to expand his profile.

However, in towns like Chicago, which can be heavily provincial, it means not talking about the Blackhawks winning streak or Derrick Rose until the afternoon. How will that go over?

Decisions are going to be made soon. Stay tuned.




9 thoughts on “Colin Cowherd coming to town near you? ESPN looking to increase his visibility; could air show in Chicago

  1. What kind of timetable is ESPN 1000 looking at to make these lineup changes? Will they also commit to “SVP and Russilo” from noon-3?

    That would put Waddle and Silvy or CJ from 3-6 or 3-7 leaving very little local coverage on 1000.

  2. Cowherd will not survive in chicago. noone will listen to that hack and if he broadcasts any shows here, he will need security after chicagoans gets a sample of the drivel coming from that guy (he hates hockey, for #1. they better not make that move til after the cup finals). ESPN has nothing that will compete with 670 in the AM and in the afternoon drive here in chicago. espn is cookie cutter BS while the local 670 doesn’t have to be driven by disney’s interests, which OFTEN fly in the face of anything productive and compelling in terms of sports talk…as we all know.

    honestly. do what you want. noone should care. listening to sports talk radio is pretty bad in it’s own right. actually caring about this type of news should be impossible.

    but colin cowherd is everything that is wrong with ESPN and I’d prefer that he wasn’t polluting this city on a daily basis.

    • I really hope this is all speculation and not a reality!!! Keep the herd away from Chicago. I can’t stand seeing that little opinionated twit much less listening to him on a daily basis. This is one listener that will change forever if this happens. He is a weasel!!!! He has the pointy nose and eye gouging voice to prove it!!!!

  3. ESPN moving Colin Cowherd to Chicago is the equivalent of waving a white flag in the market to 670theScore. I think it also sends the message that Bristol is giving up on Chicago altogether.

  4. This is a cost cutting move… Plain and simple. Cowherd is gonna suck and his rating will suck but at least they won’t have to pay local people to suck.

    • I think if they INSIST on doing this, I say put Carmen and Jurko, (or whoever) in the morning, SVP and Ryan (because people here actually LIKE them) for two or three hours, have Waddle and Silvy in the afternoons. Trust me this would be better than Colin. ESPN better think hard about this.

  5. I love finding Colin in a market when I travel. It’s impressive that a person can do a three hour show by themselves without resorting to calls from “Bill from Naperville” to fill the air or have a sidekick to bounce back and forth with.

    I’d love a chance to hear more professionals like Colin.

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