Costas at the Movies: Penny Marshall says Demi Moore literally got ‘screwed’ out of lead role in ‘A League of Their Own’

Next on Costas at the Movies: Penny Marshall and Geena Davis discuss A League of Their Own (Monday, 8 p.m. ET, MLB Network). As always, Marshall is very entertaining.

Highlights from MLB Network:

Penny Marshall on Demi Moore almost being cast as Dottie Hinson:

“Demi Moore, I liked, but by the time we came around, she was pregnant. So Bruce [Willis] literally screwed her out of the part.”

Marshall on hiring Madonna:

“I lost a girl who was good because her pilot went for television, so that takes first priority. So I had to look for a hot girl who could dance. … Well, [Madonna] could dance and she’s hot. So, she was on her way to Cannes for ‘Truth or Dare’ to promote that and I said, ‘Well, I can’t wait.’ So she tried out in New York at St. John’s. …  In three hours, the coaches called [and] said, ‘Trainable.’”

Marshall on casting Tom Hanks:

“Tom Hanks came to me and wanted to be in it because he had had some movies that didn’t do so hot.”

Marshall on actresses playing hurt:

“They all played injured. Lori [Petty] had a cast on. Rosie [O’Donnell] had broken fingers…They played their hearts out because they respected these ladies.”

Geena Davis on learning to play baseball:

“Before the movie, I couldn’t play baseball at all…But I got pretty good.”

Davis on who the best player in the cast was:

“Rosie O’Donnell, no doubt. She could actually play.”

Davis on portraying the quirks of a baseball player:

“I made a bit of a study of that kind of thing. I watched a lot of baseball and tried to pick up people’s mannerisms.”

Davis on wearing skirts to play baseball:

“Some of our real cast, from sliding into home, had ripped the skin off their legs. It was nutty.”

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