Costas to Jon Stewart: There may be something irreconcilable and unreformable about football

I stayed up late last night (at least late for me) when I heard Bob Costas would appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. With the Super Bowl coming up Sunday, I looked forward to what Costas would have to say about football and the game.

However, in the segment that aired on the show, Stewart spent the entire time discussing Costas’ halftime commentary on the gun issue. Even though Costas gave reasoned answers, I’m sure the gun community was incensed. Not that the gun community watches Jon Stewart.

However, I was disappointed since Costas’ gun stance is old territory for me. I wanted to hear him talk about sports. Time, though, ran out, and Stewart said to check the Daily Show site for more of his interview with Costas. Sorry Jon, but I’m going to bed.

I did check the site this morning and saw Costas did give some pointed views about the future of football. At one point, he even mocked the NFL’s health and safety ads, saying, “In the mean time, half of us won’t remember what the day of the week it is by the time we’re 45.”

Even though his network, NBC, has committed billions in right fees to the NFL, Costas is to be commended for going strong on the largest issue facing the sport. Check out what he has to say.

In this clip, Costas recalls the humanity of Stan Musial.

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