Cowherd interview: Michigan in trouble if Harbaugh can’t do better

In case you haven’t heard, here is Colin Cowherd’s interview with Jim Harbaugh Wednesday.

I don’t think I ever listened to a worse interview by a big-time college football or basketball coach. Harbaugh not only wasted a huge opportunity to sell what he is doing at Michigan on a national radio platform, he sounded like an idiot with his non-answers to softball questions.

If I’m Michigan, Harbaugh is getting 24/7 lessons in PR, beginning today. He needs to do much, much better. College football isn’t the NFL, coach.

2 thoughts on “Cowherd interview: Michigan in trouble if Harbaugh can’t do better

  1. Lessons rarely observed, analyzed, and learned by decades on
    battalion of sports scribes and broadcast/on-air “personalities”
    who wave and trumpet ‘THE FACE’ (The Face of the Franchise, etc.) while ignoring, dismissing the substance/the intellect/the character/the true embodiment of the man. We live by lies, triumph in lies, and suffer in lies. Mythical suppositions and misrepresentations trump reality.
    Jim Harbaugh is NOW what he has always been.
    Do MEEchigan insiders & out remember Duke’s highly-recommended (sic) Tommy Amaker? His 7-years in Ann Arbor
    were arctic cold in every aspect of human and coaching performance.
    So, for Harbaugh and UM, PR is the solution, eh? Incredible!!!

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