Cubs pitcher accepts apology from Bob Costas: ‘We all do stuff we have to apologize for’

This is how adults act.

Bob Costas knew he went too far in comments about Cubs reliever Pedro Strop during Friday’s St. Louis-Chicago game on MLB Network.

In case you missed it, Costas had this to say about Strop’s terrible outing as he was leaving the mound.

“Strop is on his way out, pointing toward the heavens. We can only ask, or wonder, that he is asking some departed relative for forgiveness for this atrocious performance.”

The Chicago Tribune’s Mark Gonzales reports Strop said he points to the sky after an outing to “always thank God for the opportunity. It’s nothing to do with the performance.”

Saturday, Costas told Daniel Popper of the New York Daily News that he was way off-base with that remark. He said he “winced” when he watched the replay.

“The tone of it was not what I intended. I intended it as a kind of sarcastic comment about this overall thing where everybody seems to be pointing toward the heavens for every accomplishment, large and small, or even for no accomplishment at all,” Costas said. “I inadvertently appeared harsh toward Strop. That wasn’t my intention. And so

I owe him an apology. And I will apologize to him (on Sunday).”

Gonzales reports Strop initially didn’t want to meet with Costas. However, the meeting did take place.

“He also asked me who else he would have to apologize to,” Strop said. “He just apologized to me, and there are more people upset because of what he said, but we’ve all made mistakes. I’m not going to judge him just because he made a mistake.

 “I just feel better now that he’s at least apologized. We all do stuff that we have to apologize for.”

Later, Gonzales added this:

Strop said he realized Costas is a “good dude” after meeting him.

“A lot of people tell me he’s a great guy and a legend, and one of the best in what he does,” Strop said. “Like I said before, we make mistakes.”

Indeed, this is how adults handle this type of a situation. Everyone would be much better off if more people acted this way.



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