Damn: Marshawn Lynch gets another chance to mock media in Super Bowl

I live in Chicago, but I’m not one of those Packers-hating Bear fans. I think Aaron Rodgers is terrific and love the tradition of what goes on in Green Bay.

However, I also had another reason to root for the Packers Sunday: Marshawn Lynch.

I really did not want to see Lynch get another shot at making a mockery of his media duties at the Super Bowl. Damn.

The Seattle running back already gave a sneak preview of his act in Arizona by completely snubbing the media after his terrific performance Sunday. It seems he also could be in line for more fines beyond not talking.

Ryan Parker of the Los Angeles Times reports:

The Seattle Seahawks controversial running back Marshawn Lynch had a huge game Sunday, helping his team beat the Green Bay Packers, and, for a second year in a row, advance to the Super Bowl.

He also appeared to make an inappropriate gesture while celebrating a touchdown, again, and refused to talk to the media, again. Odds are good that fines are — once again — coming his way.

Lynch, also known as “Beast Mode” for his relentless running style when he has the ball, has already been fined more than $100,000 this season for what the NFL determines as poor behavior.

It is no secret Lynch does not like speaking to the media, but recently he has played ball — to a point. The last few weeks, Lynch has talked to reporters, but only given one word answers, such as “Yeah.”

After the big win Sunday, he didn’t even do that.

Classy guy, right?

So now there’s going to be a Marshawn Lynch watch at media day next week. You can expect he will mock reporters who are just trying to do their jobs.

If Lynch has a beef with the NFL’s policy requiring players to talk, he needs to take it up with the Players Association. Otherwise, show up, answer a few questions and leave. It isn’t that hard.

Lynch’s presence really makes it difficult to decide who to root for in the Super Bowl. I’d like to see Tom Brady win a fourth title, but then I’d have to pull for Bill Belichick.


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