Deadspin 2, Sports Illustrated 0: New Best American Sports Writing shows shift in media landscape

Pleased to share my first sports journalism column for I look at how the 2014 edition of “Best American Sports Writing” says much about the media landscape these days.

From the column:


Look no further than the table of contents in the annual “The Best American Sports Writing” books to see the dramatic shift in the sports media landscape.

In 1991, there were 24 stories selected in the first book of the series; David Halberstam served as the guest editor. The lineup included 11 from newspapers, including four from the late, great The National. As you would expect, Sports Illustrated had a presence with three entries.

Now fast forward to the 2014 edition of “Best Sports Writing,” which was released in the fall with “Born to Run” author Christopher McDougall as the guest editor. Of the 25 stories in the book, only two are from newspapers (both from the New York Times). Instead, Internet sites now are more prevalent with eight stories coming from the Dot-com sector.

And here’s the ultimate kicker: There are two stories from Deadspin in the book; none from Sports Illustrated.


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