Deadspin Hall of Fame fallout: No comment from Cooperstown, BBWA; Members outraged

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and that you’re enjoying the 10 extra pounds you’re now carrying. Looks good on you.

I wanted to clear out a few leftovers from Deadspin’s prank of getting a Hall of Fame voter to sell its vote to the site.

Late last week, I heard from Jack O’Connell, the secretary-treasurer of the Baseball Writers Association of America. He was terse in an email.

“The BBWA declines comment,” O’Connell said.

This morning, I got the same reaction from Brad Horn, the spokesman for the Hall of Fame. “We do not have a comment,” he said.

However, beneath the surface, you know the Hall and the BBWA are outraged that one of its voters would put a vote up for sale. Supposedly, it is being down to highlight the hypocrisy in the entire process.

I suspect the main purpose is for some idiot to make a quick buck. Note: I didn’t call the person a “scumbag” as I did in my initial post. Some people thought it was a bit too harsh. Hopefully, idiot still makes the point.

Deadspin’s motivation also is clear, and it has nothing to do with hypocrisy. This is all about getting attention to the site. You’d have to say good job in that department.

While the Hall and BBWA aren’t talking, Bill Madden of the New York Daily News summed up the feelings of all during an interview last week on Chris Russo’s show on Mad Dog Radio.

I can tell you one thing: This person will be forever banished from the Baseball Writers’ Association. And, in my opinion, this is one of the most despicable things I can ever think of.

Why such a harsh reaction? For starters, journalists shouldn’t be for sale. There’s an integrity issue here. I suspect this idiot doesn’t have much of that commodity.

Also, regardless of whether the system is flawed, by accepting the vote, the person made a commitment to do the best job possible to execute it in a proper and thoughtful manner. If you have problems with the system, voice them. Go through the proper channels. Even go public.

No, instead this idiot decided to hide behind Deadspin.

The site says the voter’s identity will eventually be revealed. Considering the fallout, I have my doubts that will happen. In fact, I wonder if the idiot will even go through with the whole thing.

If the idiot does on both counts and we learn his/her identity, well, better have a thick skin.





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