Demise of ‘Crowd Goes Wild’ shows why so hard to develop good sports programming

Really no surprise that Fox Sports 1 is cancelling Crowd Goes Wild. The last show is next week.

The crowd didn’t go wild over the show. Using 82-year old Regis Philbin as a centerpiece was a weird move, and the whole thing seemed doomed from the beginning.

Crowd actually had some decent pieces. Definitely expect to see more of Georgie Thompson elsewhere on Fox Sports 1, and I liked Jason Gay and Trevor Pryce.

However, Crowd was too much of a hodge-poge of segments that didn’t work and too many people on the set.

The demise of Crowd once again shows that producing interesting and compelling sports programming is a difficult endeavor. It isn’t just Crowd. NBCSN couldn’t get it done for two Michelle Beadle vehicles.

ESPN also has had some flops along the way. But they do have hits with Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn and First Take.

The network found the right formula for those shows. Generally, less seems to be better with a limited number of panelists and a narrow focus for the discussions. Also, in the case of PTI and Horn, the 30-minute format removes the need for excess clutter.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Fox Sports 1 already is altering its lineup. That’s the way it works in sports TV.

The new network needs to figure out what works. It already knows what doesn’t.






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