Views on Dino Costa’s ouster at SiriusXM: ‘Cancel my subscription’; ‘Must accept accountability’

News that Dino Costa is out at SiriusXM filled my comment box this week. I thought I would share some of the viewers from readers.


Joe: Firing Dino was a big mistake. My subscription is up in February. I will not be renewing.

Ji Mancha: Dino Costa is the most intriguing sports talk radio host I have ever come across! Not only are his views and opinions on the world of sports unique he also has a way of elaborating on issues outside of the sports world that can be just as compelling!

I have been listening to Dino Ever since he started with channel 86! I couldn’t believe they let him go and even worse the new station he was aired on did nothing whatsoever to promote the best radio talent we have heard in decades! What a disgrace! Its a shame that a talent like Dino’s can’t get a break! I am praying for you Dino and I hope you will find someone that will recognize your talents and abilities as much as we your fans do!!!

Tom: Really? Dumb move! He was the best sports talk guy you had. You guys blew this one big time. All these other bozos only tell you everything you already know, not Dino. That’s why he was great to hear. Wake up before it’s to late, and put the great one back on or you can kiss my subscription good bye when it runs out. He’s like money in the bank and you’re too dumb to know it.


And there’s more. Little question, Costa had plenty of followers at SiriusXM. However, I thought the following comments are on target on why he finally was shown the door.

Bcoring: Plenty of blame to go around here. First off, I agree with everything written about this unfortunate situation, especially the part about Howard (Stern). SXM is missing a big opportunity here.

However, Dino must accept some accountability for this. By his third show on SportsZone he already was complaining about the hours, the station, the other shows on the station. He could blow away an entire hour being the Victim. Instead of getting down to the business of making SportsZone the channel that SHOULD be built around him and working with what he had, he immediately began complaining about what he didn’t have. Whining, complaining to the point where it just became boring. Like a child who doesn’t get what he wants.

In real life, very few people get what they want by harshly criticizing and insulting their employer. He should stop complaining about his raw deal and go out, in a constructive manner, get a better one. Dino is an amazing talent, he is a marvelous interviewer his monologues are compelling, his topics are timely. He’s the best I’ve ever heard in 50+ years of listening to radio. I will sorely miss him. What I won’t miss is the Victim, the anger and constant negativity.

Tom: There is no question that Dino is a talented talkshow host, but listening to Dino was like watching a train wreck which is about to happen. You just can’t turn away, and, sure enough, Dino wrecked once again. He will always blow things up, because that’s how he rolls. Once MDR hired Adam Schein, the writing was on the wall for Dino. He knew it and this switch to 92 was not going to work either, principally because he had to get up at 3:30 every morning in order to start by 5 am.

Dino, who used Stern and Rush as his role models, thinks he’s a star and he is…in a very small galaxy. Good luck in the podcast world, Dino. I never agreed with your politics, but you are interesting. Like a train wreck.


Indeed, while there were times I enjoyed Costa’s style, I got turned off by his rants about SiriusXM, especially Chris Russo. It was Russo who gave him a shot on Mad Dog Radio. It was Russo who continued to defend Costa even in light of all the rip jobs on him.

Ultimately, Russo took the high road; Costa didn’t. It got old for me, and I tuned out.

If Costa says he is as talented and cutting edge as he thinks, I’m sure suitors are lined up at his door with bushels of money.



7 thoughts on “Views on Dino Costa’s ouster at SiriusXM: ‘Cancel my subscription’; ‘Must accept accountability’

  1. Dino was fine when he talked sports but it seemed half the time I would tune in, he was complaining about something or someone at SXM, repeating the endless slights, conspiracies and lack of respect he perceived for hours on end. Screaming at callers to “get off my show” when they complained about his constant whining didn’t help. I’m surprised he lasted as long as he did with his negative attitude.

  2. We can all play Monday morning quarterback on how Dino could have been a better employee. Perhaps the criticism of Russo and management was over the top, but THAT IS EXACTLY HOW STERN BUILT HIS EMPIRE!!!! SiriXm mgmt are just as dumb as all those stations (e.g. WNBC) that pushed Stern out. SiriXm is now offering vanilla, bland content. That is not a smart way to go, especially since it bills itself as uncensored. We all know what a joke that is! BRING BACK DINO NOW!!! Don’t suffer the same fate as WNBC! The audience knows MORE than you. Tim Sabean was shitting on a wall in Stern’s compound just a few months ago. NOW HE IS MANAGEMENT??? Unlike his shit, Sabean will be flushed down the toilet since he is nothing more than a program director who was given the reigns of the Stern show, which is impossible to screw up since Howard is truly the only real program director of his show. I WILL ALSO BE CANCELING MY SUBSCRIPTION!

  3. I think my days with Sirius/XM are numbered. Dino may have criticized Sirius/XM and Mad Dog more than he should of, but so what. Everything Dino ever said about Chris Russo is %100 true. Sirius/XM seems a little thin skinned and can’t take valid criticism. I thought it was uncensored radio. I guess not. How Lame. Now all their sports talk radio guys sound the same. I can’t listen to them. I’m done.

  4. Good Riddance…I had stopped listening to him years ago. If I wanted to listen to poltics, there are plenty of other stations to listen to people complain about the government. Dino had a higher opinion of himself than any of his employers. They apparently did not agree his show was needle moving or legendary. At least SXM and MDR had some standards and realized this guy is bad for business. See ya Dino. Guess you can’t file for unemployment since you are anti-government..

  5. I am relieved that SIRUS/XM finally fired him. I have to admit, I listened to him because about 50% of the time, he was talking politics and not sports and I found him to be a bigoted racist. I had called into his show a few times, once when he went off on a transgendered athlete about how distusting “it” is, and once about Travon Martin. If I tune into a sports radio show, I want to hear sports, not politics or jabs at his bosses constantly. Dan Patrick is a star and I’m happy that Mad Dog radio picked up his show. He’s a real sports radio star. Dino is an egotistal train wreck. He didn’t deserve the national show that he got.

  6. I like Dino and I will miss him….but everything mentioned here is accurate and justified…..Talk Sports !!! Not about which chick you are trying to hit on…which he did numerous times even though he’s a married man with two young boys…..c’mon Dino….give us your perspective on things but not you being the Victim as previous commentaries say. —DK

  7. Well, im canceling three subscriptions to Xm in February. His show was about being honest and saying everything. Didn’t always agree (most of the time though) but still listened. They should hire Mike and Mike and listen to their boring asses talk about football 12 months a year.

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