Is Dino Costa done at Mad Dog Radio? Suspended since last Thursday

Dino Costa has been off the air since last Thursday. The Mad Dog Radio host explained in a post on his site after he received the news last week.

He writes:

On the other end was program director, Steve Torre.

The purpose of the call?

To inform me that I was suspended indefinitely because I accepted some money from a fan in Las Vegas to go to his Super Bowl party in Las Vegas.

I agreed to do this for the sum of $3500.

—>Plus airfare.

—>Plus hotel.

—>Plus a car service to and from the airport.

Torre told me I ran a ‘contest’.

No, I did not.

This was spontaneous, this was off the cuff, this was, in the end, radio genius.

I need not anyone at SXM to agree with me on this – it was radio genius.

End of story.

Apparently, Mad Dog Radio didn’t think it was genius, and Costa is on the sidelines. He did a post last night saying he hopes to hear something today. He also tries to make nice to Mad Dog Radio and Chris Russo.

He writes:

One way or another I’ll be finding out if I still have a future at SiriusXM Radio.

I certainly hope so — because in all candor — it would be difficult for me to not acknowledge that SXM has become almost like a second home and a second family for me these past several years.

I believe I have stated on the air many times – and here on this forum as well – that to be a part of something that has grown, and to be an asset that has assisted in fueling the growth of the Mad Dog channel — is something that gives me a great deal of personal and professional satisfaction.

Later, he writes:

Not only has management championed my style and allowed me tremendous leeway for my show’s — but in addition — I have come to understand that Chris Russo himself, has also both defended me at times, and he has stepped forward on at least two occasions to insure that The Dino Costa Show remained at SXM, where otherwise perhaps my show would have been cancelled possibly.

While Chris and myself have battled at times, taken shots at one another, there can be no question I believe, that he has also been in my corner in a quiet – yet convincing – sort of a way.

We are two very different people with two very different philosophies on how to do a talk radio show — but at this point there can be no denying that Chris himself, incredibly, has been somewhat a fan of my work along with many of you.

Sure to be more to this story.






4 thoughts on “Is Dino Costa done at Mad Dog Radio? Suspended since last Thursday

  1. Dino u r the best thing that has happened to sports radio,let alone Mad Dog Radio! Keep up the great work u r the best there is!

    Ur friends up north in Big Sky Country!

    Billy C.

  2. Let’s hear sports not his Joe Pine shock jock egomaniacal raving.
    Anyone who believes football should attend to brain injuries is called
    a pussy or worse. According to Dino, players should be allowed ti use switch blades or hand grenades. Silly though no more absurd than the position of Dino on so many issues. Let him talk soorts but when he is inclined to show his ass, as usual, I’ll be changing the channel.

    Thank you.

    Wayne Earl

  3. Dino’s the best on maddog radio and I know your ratings are hurting without him so torre get your head out your ass and put Dino back on the air

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