Don’t give up day job Brandon Marshall; Bears receiver to moonlight on Inside The NFL

As a resident of Chicago, and hence a long-time Bears fan, I am wondering how new Brandon Marshall’s gig is going to work out.

Yesterday, it was announced that the Bears receiver will work as analyst for Inside The NFL on Showtime. He will be the first active player to appear regularly on the show during its 37-year run.

Marshall greeted the announcement with an Instagram that read: “Why not? #trailblaze.”

The Chicago Sun-Times’ Rick Morrissey talked to Marshall about his new assignment. Apparently, Morrissey hit a nerve:

And to think, it started out so well.

I was asking Brandon Marshall about his new role as an analyst on Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,’’ about how he would handle the logistics of being a player and getting to the show’s New York studio every Tuesday during the regular season. He said he would fly in a chartered plane on his day off.

I asked him about how he would approach any discussion about the football team that employs him full-time, the Chicago Bears. He mentioned his work with NBC 5 the last two seasons.

“You look at our win-loss record the last two years I’ve been here, so I’ve been put in some tough situations, like doing the show last year after we lost to the Green Bay Packers,’’ he said. “You’ve just got to be transparent and continue to give the audience what they want without crossing those boundaries of hurting the team.’’

Well, this certainly was going swimmingly, I thought. Then I asked him about whether the team was happy with his decision to have a side job.

“You need to be very careful how you write this story and talk to me because this could be the last time you talk to me,’’ he said.

Um, OK …

“End of story,’’ he said.

“I’m just asking …’’

“End of story,’’ he said.

Morrissey had a diplomatic quote from Bears coach Marc Trestman:

“I trust Brandon,’’ coach Marc Trestman said after the Bears’ 20-19 preseason victory against the Jaguars. “He asked me about it. I trust him to make a decision that was in the best interest of the team first. I know Brandon. I know he’ll do that. I have complete faith that the team has always come first, football has always come first to him. I believe he’ll work it out to where it won’t distract him from doing his job.’’

Judging by Marshall’s reaction to Morrissey, you know the Bears aren’t thrilled that Marshall is going to spend his off-days flying back and forth from New York. However, sitting in a charter has to be better than sitting in rush hour traffic in Chicago.

It will interesting to see how this plays out. Marshall will need to continue to produce big numbers for the Bears. If there is a drop off, Bears fans likely will focus on his Inside The NFL gig as the reason.


One thought on “Don’t give up day job Brandon Marshall; Bears receiver to moonlight on Inside The NFL

  1. The Bears should tell Marshall no f’ing way can he do this. The last thing this guy needs is a distraction. That’s a warning flag he’s already thinking about his next career. He has no talent for on the air anyway, being dim-witted and inarticulate.

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