Driver to the head: golf media pummels Woods

This thing was so, so unnecessary. It still is mind-boggling to me that Tiger Woods and his camp put him in position to look bad again.

As I noted yesterday, Woods did a 14-minute video on his site, reading and answering questions from his followers. The idea is for Woods to have more of a direct connection with his fans. Great.

Here’s the kicker: His social media session will serve as Woods’ only pre-tournament comments prior to this week’s Wells Fargo Championship. He won’t be meeting with the golf media in Charlotte until after he plays the first round Thursday.

The weird media strategy has ignited a firestorm. The frosty relationship between Woods and the golf media has gone further in the deep freeze.

Here’s more reaction:

Robert Lusetich of writes:

It’s disturbing that Steinberg and Woods have seen fit to substitute their homemade, modern-day homage to the old Soviet TASS news broadcasts for an independent press conference.

It’s a decision that reeks of paranoia; a clumsy attempt at controlling the message. It also gives the impression — rightly or wrongly — that Woods wants to dodge tough questions, perhaps about his implosion at Augusta or about revelations in “The Big Miss,” the tell-all written by his estranged coach, Hank Haney.

Randall Mell of writes:

The Tiger Woods fan presser Monday wasn’t exactly riveting fare.

You could call it a clinic on “The Art of the 2-Foot Putt.”

Or maybe just “The Big Miss II.”

As questions go, they were all 2-footers. It was about as much fun as watching Woods line up gimmes all day on the practice putting green. It must have been easier than shooting reporters in a barrel, uh, I mean fish in a barrel.

Shane Bacon of writes:

Woods can do whatever he wants, and he almost always does, but if the guy really wants to reach the public in a different way, maybe he should work on his ability to answer a question properly in the media room and not what to say to a camera on questions you and your team are able to choose. It just seems that a move made for public relations isn’t going to help, but actually hurt his image in the long run.

Jeff Rude of Golfweek offered his unique twist as only he can. He did a version of the Q/A he wished had taken place.

Q: Considering you won 51 percent of your PGA Tour starts from July 2006 to the day you hit that hydrant in 2009, what was so bad about that “wipey” swing anyway? – H. Haney, Dallas

TW: I’m afraid whatever I say here will end up in a book somewhere.

• • •

• Q: Can you please watch the kids June 14-17? – E. Nordegren, North Palm Beach, Fla.

TW: Maybe on Saturday and Sunday.

• • •

• Q: Is it possible I can pick the movies the next time we room together? – Z. Johnson, Sea Island, Ga.

TW: What would they be rated?

• • •

• Q: Are you still mad at me? – S. Williams, Auckland, New Zealand.

TW: Yes.




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