DVR alert: New 30 for 30 delves into the world of ‘The Boz’

Definitely one of the most unique characters from the 80s.

Here is the trailer for tonight’s film on ESPN at 9 p.m. ET.

Mel Bracht of The Oklahoman had an interview with the film’s producer Thaddeus Matula:

“Brian and The Boz” describes Bosworth’s strained relationship with his demanding father, Foster, which led to insecurity.

“When I got to meet Brian, it was immediately apparent to me that there was trauma in his childhood that he was trying to escape from and he created this mask that allowed him to act without consequence when really the Brian inside was frozen,” Matula said.

“He couldn’t act in any situation because he was frozen in that sort of ‘Am I good enough? Who am I? state.’ Much like an alcoholic turns into a completely different person without any consequences, The Boz was this out-of-control thing. He started to do things that Brian was ashamed of, but he couldn’t get away from it because it’s what the people wanted. And his career ended so suddenly, he never had the opportunity to sort of figure it out while he was still playing and mend those fences.”


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