DVR alert: New documentary examines Dean Smith’s legend and impact; Jordan credits him for NBA career

Michael Jordan doesn’t sit down for many long interviews these days. However, he was all in when the subject was Dean Smith.

Jordan and numerous other former North Carolina stars are featured in a new documentary, “Dean Smith,” which debuts tonight on Showtime at 8 p.m. The film is a one-hour tribute to the legendary coach, who died in February.

Jordan speaks at length at the impact Smith had on him as a player who went on to stardom with the Bulls.

“I had some rawness to me. He shaped all that,” Jordan said. “I learned a lot. It made me so much better as a professional basketball player.”

James Worthy summed up the feeling of all the players who played for Smith.

“He’s still our coach,” Worthy says. “He’s still our coach.”

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