ESPN takes stance on Washington nickname day after Olbermann implores network to stop using it

I have been assured that this is a coincidence. So let’s just call this a case of interesting timing.

At the 6:08 mark of his opening commentary about the Washington nickname controversy on Friday night, Olbermann directed his comments at ESPN. It concluded with this:

“It is time for us here officially, or just like Gumbel, Simms and Dungy, to stop using the name.”

The next day, ESPN, hoping to fly under the radar on a Saturday afternoon, issued the following statement:

“Our consistent company policy will continue: using official names and marks as presented by the teams, leagues and conferences we cover. We do, however, recognize the debate over the use of ‘Washington Redskins’ and have afforded individuals the opportunity to decide how they will use those words when reporting on the team.”

Now the network isn’t banning the nickname. It wouldn’t go that far. And to be fair, ESPN is in the same company with the New York Times and Washington Post in still using the nickname in its reporting.

But it is giving its announcers and analysts the choice.

Even if the timing is a coincidence, you would have to think Olbermann’s repeated commentaries on the issue had to carry some considerable weight within Bristol.

As Olbermann notes, “momentum is building” to eliminate the nickname.




7 thoughts on “ESPN takes stance on Washington nickname day after Olbermann implores network to stop using it

    • Government controlled news agencies such as ABC, CBS, NBC, ESPN, FOX, et al,[& they all are ,to an extent] distort each and every piece of news that is intended to be consumed by J.Q.PUBLIC.If they say a word or phrase or sentence is racist, slanderous,derogatory, or demeaning, my guess is, they consult Barquack Obama, Non-cee Pewlowsi, Harry Reed-“skin”, Tomey Dumb-gee, or the ACLU.One would be wise to disregard all utterances of these Govt. controlled news stations and their ” mouthpieces” concerning the name change of the ”WASHINGTON REDSKINS”.{httr}

  1. I think it is time for the people to say enough maybe it I time for a change in the media I think it is time for them to just do their job n stop trying to push their political correctness on us because we DO NOT WANT IT So if you do not want to do your job and keep you politically correct thoughts to your self then quite your job so we the people don’t have to listen to them or we will turn the station We are sick of this crap


  3. I don’t understand how the term Redskins is now offensive to all you sports announcers when just 3 short years ago you didn’t even think twice about. Now, you want to get on your soap box and think that you’re trying to make a difference or believe that by not saying Redskins you are somehow doing a great deed for society. Have you really talked to any Native Americans at all or are you making this decision based on articles you’ve read? I live in Colorado where there are numerous Native American tribes. I have never seen or spoke with one Native American that believed that the term Redskins was offensive! In fact there are Native American Schools that use the name Redskins as their schools mascot name!! I understand that there are people that believe it is offensive, however if we change names every time something offends anyone, then we will be changing all the names in sports, i.e. Braves, Indians, Seminoles, Vikings, and any names that might offend a group of people! I have many Native American friends and if I believed that it was offensive to one of them then I would agree with you, but not one of them believe it is! Step out of your little offices and actually get both sides of this issue not just one that you believe gets you the most attention! !!

  4. Olbermann is suppose to be a sports journalist correct? His job is to report both sides of the issue instead of handing out his personal, following the crowd, beliefs! Hey Olbermann try coming up with your own original thoughts instead of repeating the beliefs of a few!!!

  5. As much as Olbermann talks about Snyder, he just might have a man crush!! Olbermann can’t stop talking about Snyder or the REDSKINS!! I understand why they put Olbermann on late night, no one cares to hear him or cares what he says!!! Can’t they find a real sports show host?

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