ESPN moves: Scott Van Pelt to be solo host of SportsCenter; Mike & Mike move to New York

ESPN is busy this week. The network announced several moves.

–Scott Van Pelt will be the solo anchor for ESPN’s weeknight editions of “SportsCenter” at 11 p.m. As a result of the move, Van Pelt will give up his “SVP & Russillo” midday radio show.

“It was going to take something remarkable for me to consider a day that didn’t include radio, and this would qualify,” said Van Pelt, who joined ESPN in 2001. “To be allowed and empowered to bring some of the sensibility of radio to this space is fantastic.”

–The “Mike & Mike” show, which is heard locally on WMVP, will be moving to New York next February. The network says the move will enable the morning show to tap into more entertainment and pop culture aspects. Members of ABC’s “Good Morning America” also will make appearances on the show.

–ESPN is adding two additional hours of live “SportsCenter” in the morning. Starting next February, “SportsCenter AM” will air from 6-8 a.m. ESPN says the show will have a fast-paced format.

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