ESPN Radio exec on Cowherd departure: Network will find a ‘who’s next?’

Richard Deitsch of has a long assessment of ESPN Radio’s future in the wake of Colin Cowherd’s departure. Don’t expect the folks in Bristol to go into panic mode. Rest assured, they will find someone else, just like they found Cowherd.

Deitsch writes:

For those who think ESPN Radio is going to fall off a cliff from 10-1 without Cowherd, guess again. The person or persons who replace Cowherd will essentially be given a Wonka Golden Ticket. 

Cowherd’s show airs on 400 terrestrial radio stations, Sirius XM, iTunes, Slacker, Tune-in and is simulcast on TV.

 “I think about ‘Who is next?’ and that’s the fun part of my job, taking folks, putting them on, and watching it happen,” Keller said. “Look, you and I both know that after a 10- or 15-year run, people get the itch. Maybe it’s better over there. I get that and that happens. But the part that keeps me going and what I love that we have is this ability to take people and let them loose to see what they can do.”

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