Early overdose: Even without Jeter, ESPN still loves Yankees for Sunday night

It doesn’t matter that the Yankees went 84-78 in 2014 and that the beloved Derek Jeter has retired, negating those stories of seeing No. 2 for the last time. ESPN still loves the Yankees judging by the early slate of Sunday night games.

The opener on April 5 features St. Louis at the Cubs. Might I suggest Dan Shulman and John Kruk do the game from the Wrigley Field bleachers? What the renovated bleachers might not be ready for opening day? Even better.

Then the Yankees are featured in three of the next four games, two of them against you know who.

April 8: Boston at Yankees.

April 15: Cincinnati at St. Louis.

April 22: Mets at Yankees.

April 29: Yankees at Boston.

Isn’t that a lot of Yankees right out of the gate? Is there a mandate that every Yankee-Red Sox game has to be on national television?

What about last year’s World Series participants, San Francisco and Kansas City? Don’t they deserve an early shot in April?

I know it is a long season. I’m hoping ESPN shows a little love for my White Sox, who are having a big off-season. You can be sure it will get around to discovering the Dodgers at some point.

I mean, the baseball season is more than two months away, and I’m already overdosing on the Yankees.



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