Nail fungus ad mars historic Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel front page

OK, it’s a fact of life that newspapers need the revenue from front page advertising. But perhaps just this one time it might have been best for the Sun-Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale to kill a front-page ad.

The Miami Heat’s championship presented the paper with one of those rare opportunities for a historical front. Thousands of extra papers are printed for fans who want a timeless souvenir.

The Sun-Sentinel delivered a front page Friday suitable for framing. However, at the bottom, there’s a huge ad for a nail fungus remedy, with before and after photos.

I’m sorry, but that’s way too much for me to digest in the morning, and especially on a front page celebrating LeBron James’ first. The paper should have said to the nail fungus folks, “Not today, we’ll make it up to you.”


One thought on “Nail fungus ad mars historic Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel front page

  1. I think it is smart advertising. Tons of male and female athletes have toenail fungus from the locker rooms and showers. Someone wins a BB championship every year. It’s not really historic. Exciting certainly.

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