Former NFL player rips Lynch; Needs to apologize to the media

Jeff Nixon was a defensive back for Buffalo from 1979-84. Now he writes a blog “keeping former players and fans updated on the issues affecting former AFL and NFL players.”

This week, he took on Marshawn Lynch, showing it isn’t just reporters who are upset with his boycott of the media.

Nixon, who played in an era before players made true life-changing money, clearly is irked that Lynch has little appreciation for what the game has given to him. He writes:

The fact is no one forced Mr. Lynch to sign contracts that require him and all NFL players to talk to the media.  Those NFL contracts have grossed him $57 million in his nine year career. 

For that kind of money, I would talk to the press like I was being water-boarded by the CIA!

Nixon then staged his version of how Lynch should conduct his press conference at Super Bowl media day.

First, I think Marshawn should have a prepared statement that reads something like this:

“I want to apologize to the Media for my behavior in not answering your questions, both before and after games. I know that you are just trying to do your job and that all you are asking for is an opportunity to share my thoughts with your readers, listeners and viewers. By not talking to you, I have given some of you the impression that I don’t like you and that your questions are stupid, irrelevant and beneath me and don’t even deserve the dignity of a response. That all changes today because I’m not going to let my past problems dictate my future behavior. As members of the media you have the power to write articles that can show me in a negative light or a positive light. I want the latter. In addition to commenting on the game, I want everyone to know that what I do on the football field is just one aspect of my life. I am more than one dimensional. My “Beast mode” is ok on the field, but I’m going to learn how to turn it off when the game ends.

At this point, I will take your questions:

Media: What would you like to say to the Commissioner and the NFL owners who have fined you for not talking to the media?

ML: “I want to apologize for my behavior these past few years. I signed contracts that obligate me to talk to the press, but I have not honored those contracts. A man’s word is more important than his signature on a piece of paper and going forward I will do my best to honor my word. I have come to realize that the NFL is just trying to market pro football and “protect the shield” from bad press.  Their image (and the image of their employees) is important to effectively selling the game to the public. The more money the NFL brings in, the better chance NFL players – both past, present and future – will have of getting more money and better benefits. It’s a win, win, win situation and all of us should do the best we can to promote the game. Obviously, it helps if players conduct themselves with integrity both on and off the field. That is what I promise to do to the best of my ability.

OK, Nixon knows that’s not going to happen.

Finally, Nixon concludes with a message for Lynch, not that he will listen.

Back when I played, our Buffalo Bills Trainer, Eddie “Abe” Abramowski had a poster on the wall next to his taping station that said: “Fame is a Vapor; Riches Take Wings; The Only Thing That Endures is Character”

All players, including Marshawn Lynch, would do well to remember that old quote.


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