Fox needs a Kansas City win in Game 2; Opener was dreadful

Well, that was fairly terrible.

The only compelling thing about Game 1 was wondering how much money James Shields was costing himself on the free agent market with his dismal performance. Probably time to rethink the “Big Game” nickname.

The game was essentially over before the Royals came to bat, as the Giants’ big first inning sucked all that feel-good energy out of the Kansas City fans.

The game did a 8.0 overnight rating, down 15 percent from 8.6 in 2013’s Game 1.

Actually considering how bad the game was at a numbing 3:32 pace, the rating was higher than I expected. You know there was major tune-out when the Giants went up 5-0 in the fourth, and the game was past the 90-minute mark. Snooze city.

So perhaps there is some potential for ratings if Kansas City can rebound in Game 2. It also is a pivotal game for Fox. If the Giants take a 2-0 lead to San Franciso, it would be ratings death.

Your turn young Yordano Ventura. Save the series for KC and Fox.



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