From folks who bring you Awful Announcing: The Comeback, a new sports and pop culture site

Congratulations to Ben Koo and his staff on this week’s launch of The Comeback.

An excerpt of Koo’s welcome note to readers.

Hello and thanks for stopping by. We hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend. Enough with the pleasantries though, you may be wondering- so what’s the deal with this site?

The Comeback is a sports and pop culture blog. Hopefully we’ll be a good one. A successful one.  One worthy of your time.

The Comeback is the companion site of Awful Announcing, our successful blog covering sports media. Over the years, Awful Announcing grew its coverage, refined its voice, elevated its quality, and grew its stature in the sports media world. It was the most exciting thing I have worked on and the thing we’re all the most proud of.

We found as Awful Announcing grew, we were limited in by the site’s niche focus in what we could write about. After starting a new company specifically to grow Awful Announcing, the decision was made to start a general sports and pop culture blog. So with much of the DNA of Awful Announcing’s voice, here we are at the launch of The Comeback.

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