Getting booted: Angels to move press box down the rightfield line

At least the writers still are in the ballpark.

Late last week, it was disclosed that the Los Angeles Angels will be moving the press box from its prime location behind to a less than ideal perspective down the rightfield line.

From Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times:

The Angels are in the process of converting their press box to a luxury seating area that will feature upgraded dining opportunities and amenities for about 80 fans, a move that will push writers covering the team to a new press box down the right-field line in Angel Stadium.

There will be no changes to the radio and television broadcast booths, which will remain on the club level behind home plate, or in the Diamond Club restaurant and seating areas on the lower level behind home plate.

“It really boils down to building revenue streams and finding as many ways as possible to grow,” said Tim Mead, Angels vice president of communications. “In talking to other teams, the seating behind home plate is a prime area to do things.”

Mead noted the White Sox made the move with their press box a few years ago. The writers aren’t happy about it.

Upon hearing the news about the Angels, Paul Hoynes, the longtime baseball writer for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, wrote in a Tweet:

Selig promised BBWAA no team would be allowed to move pressbox from behind home plate after Chi did it. Angel writers should go to Bud.

I don’t know that it will do any good. Given that the Angels have committed a zillion dollars on about four players, the Commissioner is not going to rule against the team trying to find some new revenue sources.

Sorry, Hoynsie. I don’t think the protest is going to go very far.




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