Good-bye Roman numerals: It is Super Bowl 50 next year

CBS, which will air next year’s Super Bowl, has an updated logo for the big game. Gone are the Roman numerals.

Frankly, the NFL probably should have made the move after Super Bowl III. Since I’m not Roman, I’ve been lost ever since.

2 thoughts on “Good-bye Roman numerals: It is Super Bowl 50 next year

  1. I don’t understand why the NFL doesn’t identify the Super Bowls by year, instead of the stupid Roman numerals. Outside of the players in the game, who can remember anything about Super Bowl XVIII? What year was it? Even ardent football fans can’t place teams or anything else, unlike all the other sports. I have written the NFL about this, but never got a reply. The only thing I can come up with is that the league is only interested in the immediate game and doesn’t really care about the history of the sport. One excuse is that the game is played in the year after the regular season. However, college football fans understand this and the year of the game is not a problem. I know they won’t change this, but I think they are mistaken.

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