Podcasting: After stint on DL, Sports-Casters podcast returns; Yours truly on Sports Media Weekly

If you follow sports media, then you likely know about the Sports-Casters podcast. Host Steve Bennett lands top reporters (present company excluded) to talk about coverage and sports in general. It’s a good listen.

You’ve also noticed that Sports-Casters hasn’t done a podcast since January. Bennett’s health issues have kept him on the sidelines. So it’s good to see Bennett and company back this week with a new podcast featuring Lee Jenkins and Richard Deitsch of Sports Illustrated.

I asked Steve for an update:


I have been battling Crohns for 10 years now and a big reason I started the podcast was because I needed to find work I could do from home.In 2010, I had my fourth surgery since 2003 and it took over a year to recover. It was clear Crohns was going to prevent me from committing to a 9-5.

The week before the Super Bowl I woke up with a 103 degree fever. I went to the hospital and they said it was something viral and it had caused my Crohns to flare up. I was admitted and was treated with IV steroids and antibiotics. After about a month in and no improvement they decided on surgery. On March 4, I had my second bowel restructure. Basically, they remove the damaged parts of the colon and small/large intestine and then re-attatch. I got home after 10 days in the hospital post surgery and made it 4 days before I developed an infection. They ended up opening the wound and I have a nurse who comes every day to help with that.

Every day I was sick I missed the podcast. The hospital is lonely. I have incredible support but their lives can’t just stop because mine did. My youngest brother plays D-I hockey at Yale and we would always say to each other, “Pittsburgh or Bust.” We both made it to Pittsburgh and to see him win a National Championship made every hour in that hospital worth it.

The podcast returns this week and we have a great show booked. Lee Jenkins on the NBA Playoffs, Richard Deitsch on all kinds of sports media stuff, and Anthony Day (my bro) and Kenny Agostino from the National Champion Yale Bulldogs. Next week, we have Dave Dameshek, Ed Cunningham, and Jonah Keri. We hope to be starting the podcast at Football Nation soon as well.

I have a lot of great stuff lined up and if there is one thing I know I am good at it’s booking a good show. We are going to have some great ones in the future.


Thanks again to Keith Thibault and Ken Fang for having me on this week’s edition of Sports Media Weekly. We analyzed Twitter and the NFL, among other topics.

Also appearing is Dale Arnold, studio host for Bruins telecasts on NESN and sports radio host at Boston’s WEEI.  Fang spoke with Dale about last week’s bombing at the Boston Marathon and how the sports media took a break from sports and provided fans with an outlet to discuss the events of the week.

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