Update: Johnson saga results in huge rating for Hard Knocks; robotic cameras used in dramatic scene


This isn’t a surprise. Just in from HBO:

This week’s premiere of HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING CAMP WITH THE MIAMI DOLPHINS Episode #2 delivered 984,000 viewers, up 34% from last week . Last night’s edition was the second most watched episode of Hard Knocks since 2002 (trailing only the season finale of the NY Jets series in 2010, which clocked in just over a million viewers – 1.009M).

You knew the Johnson saga would deliver. However, with Johnson gone, will Hard Knocks be able to continue the momentum for three more episodes?


Incredible stuff on Hard Knocks last night. Even though you knew what was coming, I’m sure you squirmed while watching Chad Johnson meet his fate with the Dolphins.

The access happened thanks to NFL Films using robotic cameras. There wasn’t a crew in Joe Philbin’s office. If that was the case, we probably don’t see it.

Said HBO Sports spokesman Raymond Stallone:

“The installation of robotic cameras on this series was a turning point. It happened a few years into the series and put the coaches and management at ease.

“We install tiny robotic cameras and they don’t have to worry about a camera crew hovering around the room. There are no people from NFL FILMS in the coaches’ rooms. The use of robotic cameras has really enhanced the production of the series.”

Even with the robotic cameras in place, the Dolphins still could have prevented Hard Knocks from airing the scene. Ken Fang and Fangsbites.com points out that the Jets wouldn’t allow cameras in for a meeting with Darrelle Revis following the end of his holdout.

The Dolphins, though, allowed the ax meeting to be aired. Presumably, Johnson also agreed.

Johnson had to know other teams would be watching the scene. That likely accounted for the dignity Johnson showed, a trait not always seen from him. It seemed to me he already was auditioning for someone else.



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